Creative Process Course - Final Presentation


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Presentation component of a final report for MBA Creative Process course.

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Creative Process Course - Final Presentation

  1. 1. The Creative Process<br />A Final Totem on Risk, Reflection & Breaking Patterns<br />
  2. 2. Risk, Reflection & Breaking Patterns<br />Risk-Taking<br /><ul><li> Studio environment: Steeped in exploration & confidence to follow-through w/ideas
  3. 3. Business environment: Not encouraged, much less listened to innovation at all
  4. 4. RESULT: Creative vocation that bridges the gap between these worlds. (Passion) </li></ul>Where<br /><ul><li> Service-oriented: Without taking risks on ideas, others & process are deprived
  5. 5. BNW Production Example
  6. 6. Journal: Perfect forum to do this
  7. 7. “Seamus ‘n the band” & “Football Sunday” Journals (Gift of writer’s block)</li></li></ul><li>Risk, Reflection & Breaking Patterns<br />Risk through “confrontation”<br /><ul><li>November 30th class: Risk taking dissolves the power of fear or normative distraction
  8. 8. Clarity and confidence in subsequent ideas
  9. 9. BNW Example: Final Counting exercise (Unfocusing)
  10. 10. This has been made vitally apparent during personal turbulence
  11. 11. Since 1994 it’s been a blessing to realize how this process can be leveraged in life</li></ul>Totem Project<br /><ul><li> Delving headlong into the creative & studio environment again
  12. 12. Medium, technique and composition are all a challenge (“Flow”=Clarity)
  13. 13. Feeling the “need to get it out”</li></li></ul><li>Risk, Reflection & Breaking Patterns<br />Reflection<br /><ul><li> Journaling: Practice reminded me of family trips at early age and power of memory
  14. 14. Seeing my thoughts on paper
  15. 15. “Tell a Story” Example in journal of Cargill campaign
  16. 16. Guthrie Example in journal about need for arts & experience
  17. 17. Superior Example in journal about “what makes me tick”
  18. 18. Keeps thoughts observed,accountable to yourself and engenders idea development </li></li></ul><li>Risk, Reflection & Breaking Patterns<br />Breaking Patterns<br /><ul><li> Fighting daily complacency, think dynamically: Saw this in journal suggestions
  19. 19. “Listen to a radio station…” or “Take a new route to work”
  20. 20. Skydiving Example
  21. 21. Notice new perspectives, people or patterns…literally things in a different light
  22. 22. Then record these different experiences…(Reflection)
  23. 23. Then take the risk to connect them or explore an idea that they spur...(Risk-Taking)</li></ul>Breaking patterns  Reflection  Risk-Taking <br />
  24. 24. Risk, Reflection & Breaking Patterns<br />Questions<br />Image Credits: arts/lightgraffiti01.jpg &<br /><br />