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Enhanced Social Media Marketing with WordPress (2013 Update)

The slides from my WordCamp Ottawa 2013 talk "Enhanced Social Media Marketing with WordPress." Thank you for all of the fantastic feedback on my session. I sincerely appreciate it.

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Enhanced Social Media Marketing with WordPress (2013 Update)

  1. 1. Enhanced Social MediaMarketing with (Blog) (SEO & Internet Marketing) (Web Design)Brian RotszteinWordCamp Ottawa
  2. 2. What is the “Social” inSocial Media Marketing?
  3. 3. Me(Sort of)
  4. 4. What’s TheProblem?
  5. 5. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3Idea? Profit
  6. 6. Develop aStrategy
  7. 7. WHY?
  8. 8. “People don’t buy what you do,they buy why you do it.”- Simon Sinek(Anthropologist)
  9. 9. Cultural ContextSocialIndividualThe Social Ecology of Social MediaPoliticSystemsSocietyNeighbourhoodsEconomicSystemLawsMassMediaExtendedFamilyParentsFriendsSiblingsSchoolWorkLarger SocietyIndustryThe Internet
  10. 10. ISa social media platform!
  11. 11. High Social NetworkingSocial-Content DichotomyLow Social NetworkingLow Content High Content
  12. 12. AddingValue
  13. 13. Word of Mouth
  14. 14. “Shareworthiness”IndustrySpecificCatchyTitlesTopicPowerfulImagesNovelty &OriginalityEducationalEffectiveVideosTrendingNewsStoriesEntertainingTimeSensitivityAudienceRelevance MessageClarityBlog Posts & Status Updates
  15. 15. Social SharingPlugins to ConsiderTrackable Social Share IconsWord Count & Social Shares
  16. 16. Adapt& Customize
  17. 17. Kogi Korean BBQ
  18. 18. WordPressWebsite+Twitter…Use a plugin!
  19. 19. Plugins to ConsiderTweet2DownloadEasy Twitter ButtonTweet BlenderTwitter Tools
  20. 20. Social Media Collaboration:An Unwritten Partnership
  21. 21. Make CommentingPlugins to ConsiderCommentLuvSEO Facebook CommentsDisqusIntenseDebate (Automattic)
  22. 22. Commenting Tips(Blogger Perspective)Only require “Name” & “Email”Be social & continue the conversation: Respond to each commentBe respectful (There is a person on the other end)Good community etiquette: Acknowledge a different POVBe pleasant in your repliesDirectly ask for commentsMake your commenting policy clear (e.g., “content is your own”)
  23. 23. Community
  24. 24. Plugins to Consider“The Facebook Plugin”The World’s Largest Online Community:
  25. 25. A Growing Community:Plugins to ConsiderPlus OneGoogleCardsThe Google+ Plugin
  26. 26. ContentisKing
  27. 27. What To Talk AboutGeneral news itemsCompany/brand newsQuizzes & polls2 Photos side by side: Ask which is betterRun a “Q & A” series about productsDigital scavenger hunt (Ask fans to look for something on your site)Re-purposeAsk for feedbackRun a survey and discuss the resultsPop media referencesHot videosFunny photosDeals, discounts, and couponsContestsPromotions
  28. 28. Have a personality!(e.g., serious, funny, “interesting,”…)Limit your “corporate speak”Be ready to interact in a conversationHandle customer servicePractice active listening over talking(i.e., listen to the consumer’s message)Talking Best Practices
  29. 29. The Social Secret Behind…
  30. 30. CrowdsourcingGet ideas, content, or funding by askingyour target audience online, rather thanfrom traditional sources.This is your target audience.Ask them what they want!
  31. 31. Crowdsource Your Content!Plugins to ConsiderPoll DaddyGuest PostsCrowdfunding by AppThemerWhy Crowdsource?Target audience becomes invested so they tryharder for a successful outcomeGet novel ideasGet diverse ideasGet people excited for the outcomeGet customers, prospects, followers involved
  32. 32. TransparencyPlugins to ConsiderCustom About AuthorEdit Author Slug (SEO)Author Sure (SEO)
  33. 33. Want To Be Trusted?Show Who You Are!Real Profile Photo(Not a stock photo!)Build CredibilityReal NamePersuasionCall to ActionContact InfoSocial Media Profiles
  34. 34. Stay on Top ofTrouble
  35. 35. Reputation ManagementPlugins to ConsiderViperRep (Reputation Management for WP)
  36. 36. TrackingPlugins to ConsiderCrazy Egg Heatmap TrackingSite-SonarWoopra AnalyticsGoogle Analytics for WordPressGoogle Analytics DashboardWP Google Alerts
  37. 37. Countriesby Colour“Cheaper”Breaking BadDrinkingGameSearchBoxBannerLabels
  38. 38. Gamificationof Social MediaHot Term Alert!The integration of game dynamicsinto your website, service, community,content or campaign to increaseconsumer participation.
  39. 39. LoyaltyPlugins to ConsiderAchievements for WordPressPunchTabCubePointsSharingforceSimple BadgesIncrwd
  40. 40. Achievements for WordPress(Plugin)
  41. 41. We’ve evolved to the pointwhere we’re mobile again
  42. 42. SoLoMoSocialLocationMobileHot Term Alert!
  43. 43. MobileWebsitesDesktopVersionMobileVersionPlugins to ConsiderWPTouch (& WPTouch Pro)WordPress Mobile PackWP Mobile Detector
  44. 44. Plugins to ConsiderFoursquare VenueFoursquare MapFoursquare Recent Checkins15% Discountat shop.nhl.comMaps, Reviews & Loyalty
  45. 45. Scan MeI’m HotMobile Tagging:Quick Response (QR) CodesPlugins to ConsiderQR Code Generator (Various)
  46. 46. AugmentedReality
  47. 47. AugmentYour Maps!Plugins to ConsiderLeaflet Maps MarkerFeedgeorge WordPress PluginTwitchersGreat placeto chill.
  48. 48. “Strategy without tacticsis the slowest route tovictory. Tactics withoutstrategy is the noisebefore defeat.- Sun Tzu(Chinese Military General)
  49. 49. Workshops & SeminarsVisit:• WordPress• Social Media for Business• SEO• … and 20 More Exciting Topics!
  50. 50. Enhanced Social MediaMarketing with (Blog) (SEO & Internet Marketing) (Web Design)Brian RotszteinWordCamp Ottawa