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The Internet by the Numbers

These are the slides to my presentation at Ignite Montreal 2011. To maintain the light-hearted nature of Ignite and the humourous aspect of the presentation, two of the slides have fictional numbers. Can you guess which ones? Each of the original slides had an image, numbers and a word or two but I added a brief summary of what I said for Slideshare.

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The Internet by the Numbers

  1. 1. The Internet By The Numbers Hub: Blog: Follow Me: @brianrotsztein Write Me: Web Design: Internet Marketing: Ignite Montreal 2011 Brian Rotsztein
  2. 2. Notes <ul><li>I added a summary of what I said to each slide (for Slideshare viewers). </li></ul><ul><li>Just for fun, two of the slides have a number that is made up. Can you guess which ones they are? </li></ul><ul><li>If there’s a banner ad blocking your view of the slides, just click the “x” and it will disappear. </li></ul>
  3. 3. You 68% These days, it’s impossible to please anyone yet the Internet manages to please everyone who uses it. 68% of Canadian are online.
  4. 4. Email 180,955,844 107,000,000,000,000 Last year, 180 million pieces of mail were handled by the US Postal Service and 107 trillion emails were sent (worldwide). So it’s safe to say that this email thing is really catching on.
  5. 5. Health 2 Weeks Google says that it can predict local flu outbreaks 2 weeks ahead of official reports with 97% accuracy. This makes it easier to plan your sick days!
  6. 6. History Number of Tweets: TBD The Library of Congress says that all tweets since March 2006 will be archived. It’s predicted that the final number will be between 8.3 and 8.7 gajilion tweets!
  7. 7. Male Ego 27.1% Bruised egos among men have decreased 27.1% thanks to Google maps and GPS on their phones allowing them to further avoid asking for directions.
  8. 8. Female Buying Power 76.3% Much to their partners’ dismay, 76.3% of women have found yet another way to spend money on shoes. Be it through Zappos, Ebay, Beyond The Rack, or Netaporte.
  9. 9. E-commerce 173,000,000,000 1 Last year, total US online sales reached $173 billion. Yet, it takes one bad review to destroy a brand’s credibility.
  10. 10. Sign of the Times 38 Years 13 Years 3 Years 9 Months It took radio 38 years to reach 50 million users yet Facebook had more than 100 million users in less then 9 months.
  11. 11. Music 95% 95% of music downloads are pirated. The other 5% are the musicians themselves, who are actually paying for it!
  12. 12. 11 Tech users have learned to rapidly process information from multiple sources. The average person has 11 tabs open in their browser at any given time. … and we wonder why ADHD has increased 5.5% per year!
  13. 13. Instant Gratification 26x 63% 10 Sec 6 Sec DSL is 26x faster than dial-up and 63% of the US has it. You can buy Something online in 10 seconds, anywhere you are. You can have a text message conversation in 6 seconds.
  14. 14. Education 0% “ 0” is what the education system gets for being so out of touch with the reality behind the numbers I’m presenting. Students are bored out of their heads!
  15. 15. Videos 35 2,000,000,000 35 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every single minute. 2 Billion YouTube Videos are watched per day.
  16. 16. Role Models? 1,437,107 I don’t know about you, but somebody out there strives to be like them. They have 1.4 million monthly active users on their Facebook fan page!
  17. 17. Socializing 23% 23% of time spent online is on social networks. Facebook addiction, here we come!
  18. 18. Dating 120,000 Times were different when Harry Met Sally. Last year, approximately 120,000 weddings took place among couples who met online.
  19. 19. Adult Entertainment 68,000,000 25% of total search engine requests are porn-related. That’s 68 million searches per day!
  20. 20. Rickrolled 40,000,000 Over 40 million people have been Rickrolled. Enough said!
  21. 21. Geeks Billions Billions! It’s what they earn, it’s how many people’s lives they’ve affected, and it’s how much I love the fact that geeks are the new rockstars!
  22. 22. The Internet By The Numbers Hub: Blog: Follow Me: @brianrotsztein Write Me: Web Design: Internet Marketing: Ignite Montreal 2011 Brian Rotsztein