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How to Use Content Marketing to Better Reach Your Ideal Audience

These are the slides from my talk at WordCamp Montreal. A lot of people have asked about the book (Content Marketing Ideas) that I talk about during the session. I added a slide at the end about it. These slides are for anyone looking for success online wether they have a business or a blog. The content marketing tips and ideas presented could help you take your online marketing to the next level. Thank you for all of the tremendous positive feedback on my talk!

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How to Use Content Marketing to Better Reach Your Ideal Audience

  1. 1. How do you explain content marketing without getting frustrated?
  2. 2. In Content Marketing, the Content IS the Ad (Not to be confused with the content of your ad)
  3. 3. Which one are you more likely to trust? Ad Content Editorial Content
  4. 4. Types of Content Text (e.g., blogs) Photos Videos Audio (e.g., podcasts) Infographics
  5. 5. Stop Thinking Like an Advertiser Start Thinking Like a Publisher (But with a Goal)
  6. 6. Publishers Ask: What gets someone’s attention? (Someone = Your Ideal Customer)
  7. 7. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises
  8. 8. Content Marketing Disguised as a Crime Scene “Investigation” Audio Deciphered Sound Clip Twitter #thefirerises @thefirerises Website
  9. 9. Growing Your Audience: Two Steps Content Promotion Content Creation We’ll share what she’s creating!
  10. 10. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Ideas Product Service Profit Followers
  11. 11. Guest blogging is not a strategy. Neither are infographics. Nor is “Let’s make a viral video!” These are tactics.
  12. 12. Content Strategy Specific Goals Tactics
  13. 13. Content Strategy: Business Objectives Increase Brand Awareness Expand Customer Support Personal Branding Increase Revenue Sell More of Product X More Leads Increase Unique Visitors Increase Pageviews Improve Customer Retention Boost SEO Community Management Higher Conversion Rate
  14. 14. Specific Goals: What actions do you want your audience to take? Newsletter Sign-up Set up an Appointment Free Trial Register for a ClassTry Your Recipe Provide an Estimate Demo Sign-up From Third-party Forum to a Website Visit From a Blog Post to a Video View
  15. 15. Content that people care about. What content will resonate the most with your audience? Photo:
  16. 16. Personas Demographics + Psychographics of Your Target Market Fictional Characters that Represent Ideal Customers Demographics Age Gender Location Job Education Level Experience Level Marital Status Health Status Psychographics Needs Wants Personal Interests Business Interests Buying Behaviour Product Research Habits Lifestyle Choices Digital Device Usage Frequency +
  17. 17. Samuel Jackson: Confident Tough Guy Avengers Captain America Star Wars (Episodes 1-3) Pulp Fiction Die Hard 3 Snakes on a Plane The Long Kiss Goodnight The Negotiator Deep Blue Sea Jackie Brown A Time to Kill Typecast!
  18. 18. Brainstorm Keywords & Ideas
  19. 19. Tools (PC) (Mac) Gliffy OmniGraffle Content Marketing Guest Posts Trendy Idea Trends More Cool Idea Best Idea Ok Idea Audio Video Use Mind Mapping Tools for Brainstorming
  20. 20. Persona Mind Map Business Interests A doctor starting a practice has more potential than one who is close to retirement. Business Type
  21. 21. Keyword (Services) & Ideas Mind Map
  22. 22. Connect Keywords/Ideas to Personas Starting a Practice Plastic Surgeon Mobile / Responsive Website
  23. 23. Result Content Create content about the importance of mobile websites/responsive design for plastic surgeons. Possible Tactics Publish an article in a plastic surgery magazine. Offer a short ebook as incentive to sign-up for your newsletter. Create an infographic showing how prospects are using mobile devices more than before. Video interview a plastic surgeon who has had success with responsive design.
  24. 24. Anticipate Consumer Needs (i.e., Search Intent)
  25. 25. 90% Discount!
  26. 26. Missed an opportunity? You Didn’t Anticipate Consumer Needs vs. Lauren Luke Sales: eBay Marketing Budget: $0 Videos: Homemade Voice: Human YouTube Followers: 559,000 Sephora Sales: Retail & Online Marketing Budget: $20 Million Videos: Professional Voice: Corporate YouTube Followers: 215,000
  27. 27. Ask Customer Service (or Whoever Answers the Phone) Use a Spreadsheet Software SaaS Ask Prospective Clients Google Consumer Surveys Get Info Directly From Your Audience Ask Current Clients Survey Monkey
  28. 28. Data Research Get Demographic Info Google Public Data Explorer Google Display Planner (AdWords) Google Analytics Data & Stats Search Engines Zanran Data360 GetTheData Consumer Behaviour Consumer Barometer (by Google) Break Down Silos Ask Other Departments
  29. 29. Content marketing works because people really want to… (a) Hire you. (b) Be sold to. (c) Marvel at a product’s features.
  30. 30. Content marketing works because people really want to… (a) Hire you. (b) Be sold to. (c) Marvel at a product’s features. (d) Solve their problems.
  31. 31. How do you get a deal on Dragon’s Den?
  32. 32. Solve a Problem
  33. 33. While Somebody Out There Really Wants to Know…
  34. 34. This is not content. It’s crap.
  35. 35. Every Time You Publish Crappy Content, A Puppy Dies
  36. 36. Prove That Your Content is: Useful Educational Entertaining Worth Consuming Do You Practice Smart Content Marketing?
  37. 37. The Social Secret Behind…
  38. 38. Crowdsourcing This is your target audience. If you want your content to resonate with them, just ask them what they want!
  39. 39. Crowdsource Suggestions Google Suggest Tool:
  40. 40. Mine CommentsCheck Quora (Q&A) Reviews Read, Watch & Listen Follow Twitter Hashtags Especially: Events, Twitter Chats & Trends Crowdsource by Lurking Immerse Yourself in Your Audience Subscribe to Newsletters Blogs & Online Magazines LinkedIn Groups
  41. 41. Duplicate Content is Evil. Don’t Go There.
  42. 42. Instead of Duplicating Content, Repurpose it! Give Conference Talk Write Blog PostPost Slides Write BookPublish Video Guest Post Create Infographic
  43. 43. Test Page Layouts Plugin to Consider Crazyegg Heatmap Tracking
  44. 44. Content Discovery Plugins Outbrain Zemanta (Editorial Assistant) Taboola EngageYa (Cross Promotion) nRelate Easy Tynt Spread Your Content Attract People From Other Sites Other Articles From Blogger’s Own Website Related Article from Your Website
  45. 45. Click to Tweet Content Sharing Customize Messages With Pre-made Tweets Plugins to Consider
  46. 46. Share to Unlock Plugins to Consider OnePress Social Locker WP Share to Unlock
  47. 47. It’s not about being everywhere. It’s about being in right place for your strategy.
  48. 48. Adapt & Customize
  49. 49. Search Engine
  50. 50. Consider Different Video Platforms
  51. 51. Kogi Korean BBQ
  52. 52. Official Book Website: Content Marketing Ideas