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Golfers Direct Media Kit


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If you have seen the Business Plan, then you realize that we invested funds to significantly upgrade our entire brand presence. This was the media kit we used to attract potential advertisers. We successfully acquired John Deere Landscapes, Hawaiian Airlines, America West Airlines, Southwest Putting Greens and others as our initial advertising partners.

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Golfers Direct Media Kit

  2. 2. WELCOMETHE GREEN GRASSADVERTISINGPROGRAM by Golfers DirectReach Your CustomersWhile They GolfGolfers Direct introduces the Green Grass Media Program, an innovative and effective approach to reachinga uniquely appealing target audience: the golfing consumer. Through our exclusive network of MemberGolf Courses across the US, Golfers Direct employs a mix of integrated promotional vehicles, to deliver apowerful venue for showcasing your company, products and services in a compelling and cost effective way.Learn how our complete Green Grass Media Program, with its unique in-cart and on-course tools,can complement your core marketing program and deliver the power of the golfing consumer.
  3. 3. The in-cart Yardage Guide delivers your message to a captive audience for an entire hole.INNOVATIVE Tip Cards offer a special keepsake for golfers to recall your message every time they play. Media Vehicles Designed for Maximum Visibility Our Green Grass Media Program offers a creative mix of high quality vehicles to drive interest among golfing consumers while they play. The Yardage Guide, Tip Card and Web site have been carefully developed to provide advertisers with an integrated system to deliver your message to a captive audience of affluent, decision-making consumers. What’s more, the smart mix of in-cart and on-course media vehicles provides the 1-to-1 relationship expert marketers seek in other, more costly direct marketing methods. With Golfers Direct, you’re assured that customers not only see your ad while playing, they can also reference your message long after they’ve left the course, creating an enduring impression for your company, products and services. PROMOTION The Web site provides a promotional vehicle that reaches your golfing customers at home.
  4. 4. NATIONWIDE • Education: 82.1% of golfers are College Educated. Over 30% hold Graduate Degrees. • Average Income: $72,000. Nearly 40% earn over $75,000. 16.5% earn over $100,000. • Key Executives: 96% of all Fortune 500 CEOs list golf as their sport of choice and encourage top management to use the game to build business relationships.Leverage the Power of Golfing ConsumersGolfers are discerning, influential and affluent customers. And, while they representan appealing target audience for companies across a number of business segments,few media vehicles can deliver a proven and targeted approach to reaching today’sgolfing consumers in a meaningful way. NVThrough its exclusive network of affiliated Member Golf Courses across the US, CA NCGolfers Direct provides an innovative and breakthrough system to affect an audience SCthat fits a demographic profile marketers only dream of. AZ GA SOUTHEAST REGION HI FL MS AL SOUTHWEST MISSISSIPPI REGION TX LA MID-SOUTH REGION VISIBILITY • Consumer Expenditures: Spent $26.1 billion on golf travel. 75% towards hotel, transportation, food & beverage. • Average Spending: Average golf travel spending for 2001 was $2,270 per golfer. • Credit Cards: 53% carry VISA Gold/Platinum. 43% carry MasterCard G/P. 11% carry AMEX G/P. Sources: National Golf Foundation, PGA, USGA, Starwood Hotels & Resorts
  5. 5. ROI Promote your company in a space that is free of the congestion and clutter of more traditional, and costly, media outlets. Measure Performance that Delivers Today’s cluttered, ad-saturated world poses serious challenges to marketers concerned with delivering maximum results for minimum investment. And with the skyrocketing costs of mass media vehicles, many companies can hardly afford to reach the qualified prospects that they seek for their continued growth. Golfers Direct’s Green Grass Media Program is unique. Its pinpoint targeting of golfing consumers offers companies a venue for showcasing products and services that is truly unique to the traditional marketing and media mix. With the Golfers Direct Yardage Guide, Tip Cards and Web site, you’re sure to hit your most important customers in a creative way that is both actionable and enduring. RESULTS Enhance your mass media and Web-based advertising efforts through unique, 1-to-1 marketing in the golf cart and on the course.
  6. 6. BEGINThe Green Grass Media Program fromGolfers Direct Can Deliver for YouWhether you are seeking to drive brand awareness, store traffic, sales appointmentsor Web site visits, Golfers Direct provides an innovative approach to delivering yourcompany’s message to a unique target audience through an untapped communicationschannel: the golf course. Through our proprietary network of nationwide Member GolfCourses and an integrated offering of in-cart and on-course media vehicles, GolfersDirect represents a breakthrough solution for reaching your most appealing consumers.Learn how the features of the Green Grass Media Program can effectively support yourcurrent marketing strategy. Contact Golfers Direct today and realize the power of theonly media program that reaches your discerning golfing customers.www.golfersdirect.net1-800-273-7948 TODAY!
  7. 7. RS DI R FE L EC GO T Y TH E N PA GR M EE N CO GR A ASS M E DI GOLFERS DIRECT, LLC PO BOX 148, TEMPE, AZ 85280 www.golfersdirect.net800.273.7948 • 800.758.9814 FAX