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Causes wwii hitler's war


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Causes wwii hitler's war

  1. 1. The Causes of WWII in Europe Hitler’s War
  2. 2. Primary QuestionTo what extent was WWII‘Hitler’s War’?
  3. 3. Timeline 1933-39In groups of two complete thetimeline below1933: 3 events1934: 1 event1935: 4 events1936: 4 events1937: 3 events1938: 2 events1939: 5 events
  4. 4. Hitler’s Foreign Policy Aims: 1919-33Results of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk 1917, Germandomination of Eastern Europe. Resent loosing PolandResults of Post TOV Germany is they are still thedominating force in continental Europe.Additionally resistant to reparation payments.The Nazi 25 point program 1920Calls for union of all Germans, end of the TOV, a strong state, national army, exclusion of Jews.What is the O,P,V,L of the 25 point program?
  5. 5. German unemployment vs Nazi seats in the Reichstag.
  6. 6. Hitler’s Foreign Policy Aims: 1919-331923 Hitler is arrested and writes Mein KampfIn his memoir he asserted the need for Germanracial purity and living space, Lebensraum.Can be viewed as a stage by stage plan toexpand:1. Termination of the TOV and alliance withBritain.2. A war with France and her Eastern Europeanallies.3. A war with the USSR. OPVL?
  7. 7. Mein Kampf
  8. 8. Zweites Buch ‘Secret Book’Suggests that in the 1930s afinal struggle would takeplace for world hegemonybetween the USA and thecombined forces of a‘Greater Germany’ and theBritish Empire.
  9. 9. Hitler’s Rise to PowerLacarno Pact 1925Kellogg-Briand Pact 1928World Disarmament Conference 1932The Great Depression undermined boththe Leagues ability to resist aggressorstates and the willingness of memberstates to work together.Thus Hitler rose to power legitimately.1933-34, consolidates power in Germany.
  10. 10. Hitler’s Foreign Policies.
  11. 11. Hitler’s Foreign Policies.
  12. 12. Discussion Questions1. From what has been presented what evidence is therethat Hitler had a long-term plan that lead to a generalEuropean war?2. To what extent should a) German moderates and b)foreign governments have been aware of the potentialdanger of Hitler?3. How far do you agree that the Nazis’ popularity wasdue to the economic crisis in Germany?
  13. 13. Hitler and the Short-term Causes of WWII Revisiting the Treaty of Versailles: Reparations were suspended prior to Hitlers being appointed, he reasserted this resistance. German withdraw from the league 1933. German increase in military spending: Five- fold increase in 1934-35. Non-aggression pact with Poland, 1934. Directly counteracted the ‘Little Entente’, French alliance system in E.Europe, by undermining the Franco-Polish alliance 1925.
  14. 14. Hitler and the Short-term Causes of WWII Austria: Hitler stated goals to: unify Austria with Germany, Mein Kampf. Pro-Nazi group murdered Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss in an attempted coup. Saar Plebiscite 1935: Positive propaganda, 9-1 vote in favor of unifying. Immediately responds with compulsory military service.
  15. 15. Saar Plebiscite
  16. 16. Hitler and the Short-term Causes of WWII European Response: Stresa Front: Britain, France, and Italy align. With no clear plan ‘how’ to respond to stop Hitler. Anglo-German Naval Agreement 1935: allowed for an increased German Navy. Without consulting France.
  17. 17. Hitler and the Short-term Causes of WWII Revision Questions: 1. Which of Hitler’s aims, as set down in Mein Kampf, had been achieved by 1935? 2. Based on Hitler’s stated long-term ambitions, what would his next objectives be? 3. How far do you agree that Germany was the only country causing tension in Europe in the mid 1930’s?
  18. 18. Hitler and the Short-term Causes of WWII German Remilitarization of the Rhineland: Waited until it was clear Italy was going to be successful in Abyssinia. This would redress the wrongs of the TOV.
  19. 19. Hitler and the Short-term Causes of WWII Hitler’s Involvement in the Spanish Civil War: 1. Never had more then 10,000 troops committed, Italy had 7x that figure. 2. Motives were to have another right wing power in Europe and test out Germany’s new armed forces.
  20. 20. Hitler and the Short-term Causes of WWII Rome-Berlin Axis: Treaty of Friendship, 1936. Anti Comintern Pact: Joined with Japan 1936 and Italy 1937. Japan could counter Britain and Russia in Asia.
  21. 21. Hitler and the Short-term Causes of WWII Hossbach Memorandum: Meeting of key military men. Hitler launched his ‘Four Year Plan’ to prepare Germany for war by 1940. Presented his ‘last will and testament.’ 1. Key aim of this German policy would be to secure and preserve the racial community and enlarge it. 2. Focused on ‘concrete questions of armament’
  22. 22. Hitler and the Short-term Causes of WWII Revision and research questions: 1. What were the key aims, as set out by Hitler in the Hossbach meeting? 2. Why would Hitler not want to keep record of this meeting? 3. In Pairs discuss the OPVL of Hitler’s ‘last will and testament’
  23. 23. Hitler and the Short-term Causes of WWII Anschluss: With Italian support and British appeasement, the view was the separation with Austria had been wrong to enforce during the TOV. A referendum was called, Hitler sent troops to ensure support.
  24. 24. Hitler and the Short-term Causes of WWII Takeover of Czechoslovakia: Sudetenland, land of 3 million Germans. Britain, France, and Italy agreed to Hitler’s ultimatum, known as the Munich agreement.
  25. 25. Hitler and the Immediate Causes of WWII (1939) The invasion of Poland: German Port of Danzig was to be a free city administered by the League of Nations. This granted Poles access to the Port How did Hitler achieve this?
  26. 26. Appeasement as a Cause of WWII To what extent has the policy of appeasement had a negative impact on international relations since the 1930’s?
  27. 27. Reviewing the Causes of WWII Outline for the nations below the actions each nation took which contributed to the outbreak of WWII. Britain 7 , France 5, USSR 5, Italy 2, USA 2.
  28. 28. Possible essay questions.Outline one of the following essay questions: (thesis, 3 supportingarguments, evidence, conclusion)To what extent was WWII Hitler’s war?To what extent did the unsatisfactory outcome of WWIlead to WWII?Why did WWII break out in 1939?To what extent should Germany be held responsible forboth the First and Second World Wars?