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Designing For Hackability

Threading API thinking throughout your Web app.

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Designing For Hackability

  1. Designing for Hackability
  2. sr bna
  3. What is scary?
  4. Attention scarcity.
  5. Web apps are the new screenplays.
  6. The Internet is smarter than you are.
  7. It’s ok if you’re not the Master of Your Domain.
  8. Design the sandbox. Let them play.
  9. via PeterMe
  10. Co-create. Faster. More creative. Truer audience fit.
  11. It’s a View Source world.
  12. Mods signal intense user connection. Co-ownership. Health.
  13. This will happen with or without you.
  14. It already is.
  15. scrAPIs
  16. Users want to customize. View ads, or not. Shift time & place. Personal mash.
  17. Internal team hacks for speed, creativity.
  18. Other devs want to hack. Just because.
  19. Not a Web site. A light-weight (like, really light) message delivery infrastructure.
  20. 10x traffic from the API over the .com
  21. Fan wikis. A good sign.
  22. Some people are really, really into it.
  23. Growth + diversity = new monetization options.
  24. Initial site focused on destination search.
  25. Current site promotes tools.
  26. How can we make social networks more hackable? Portable? Efficient?
  27. Social networking fatigue.
  28. Don’t make me repeat myself. Profile information Friend networks. Preferences.
  29. Could these sites work together?
  30. We have the technology:
  31. Small pieces. Loosely joined.
  32. rel = “me”
  33. One piece at a time.
  34. So what tools do we have to work with?
  35. Build on open platforms & standards.
  36. Use microformats.
  37. Set content free.
  38. Think multi-modal. Widgetize.
  39. Build, document and champion uses of your APIs.
  40. Design hackable URLs.
  41. Teach & model the behaviors you want.
  42. Celebrate & nourish creative hacks.
  43. Many thanks to: