Splash canyon water park power point (ver 2)


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Splash canyon water park power point (ver 2)

  1. 1. Splash CanyonTemecula Family Water Park<br />Prepared By:<br />Brian Nichols & Eva Landa<br />
  2. 2. Why does this project make sense?<br />The City of Temecula is committed to building… <br />A freeway offramp leading right to Splash Canyon’s “Front Door”<br />The average Wild Rivers Waterpark investor realized… <br />A 25% annualized return over a 24 yr. period See PPM for more information. <br />**(investments are not guaranteed, involve possible risk of loss, including possible loss of principal).<br />The Wild Rivers Waterpark management team will bring… <br /> 24 years of expertise & profitable management to Splash Canyon.<br />Wild Rivers Waterpark (Irvine, CA) has been… <br />profitable every year since its opening in 1986.<br />2009 saw 400,000 visitors enjoy Wild Rivers Waterpark… Temecula Valley’s Splash Canyon demographics are very similar.<br />
  3. 3. Temecula Valley Demographics = Orange County East?<br />Demographics:<br /><ul><li>2008 estimated avg. family H.H. income = $98,089
  4. 4. Median age = 30.62
  5. 5. 2008 est. household size 3.25 persons
  6. 6. Avg. Summer temperature mid 80’s to mid 90 degree range
  7. 7. Southwest Riverside County Trade Area in 2008 = 435,654 people
  8. 8. 2007 Taxable Retail Sales - $2.60 billion </li></ul>**City of Temecula Demographics Report (Claritas, April 2008)<br />
  9. 9. This project makes sense!<br />Wild Rivers had over 400,000 guests last season, (2009).<br />Wild Rivers generated revenue of over $10mm<br />Between the end of May 2009 & the beginning of September 2009<br />(approx. 4 months).<br />Splash Canyon is expected togenerate comparable revenue & profit to that of Wild Rivers from day one!<br />The Wild Rivers business modelisthe Splash Canyon business model. <br />
  10. 10. Assumptions: <br />Splash CanyonAdmission Fee:<br />$31.98 General Admission<br />$19.98 Junior Admission<br />$10.00 Parking<br />60% of Splash Canyon attendees will qualify for Jr. Admission price.<br />40% of Splash Canyon attendees will qualify for General Admission price.<br />Parking requirement (per car) is estimated at approximately 25% of total season guest attendance (400,000 guests x 25% = 100,000 cars).<br />
  11. 11. Do The Math!<br />Splash CanyonAdmission Fee:<br />$31.98 General Admission<br />$19.98 Junior Admission<br />$10.00 Parking<br />60% of 400,000 guests = 240,000 paid Jr. Admissions x 19.98= $4,795,200<br />40% of 400,000 guests = 160,000 paid General Admissionsx $31.98 = $5,116,800<br />Parking Fee: 100,000 cars @ $10.00 each = $1,000,000<br />Total Estimated Revenue (per season)= $10,912,000<br />
  12. 12. Group Expertise<br />The same Splash Canyon Temecula team successfully built <br />& profitably ran Wild Rivers Irvine, since 1986.<br />*******************************************************************************************<br />The Wild Rivers management team<br />is<br />the Splash Canyon management team <br />*******************************************************************************************<br />Combined, this management team’s expertise spans… <br />more than 24 years of success in the waterpark business.<br />Wild Rivers has been profitable each year since it’s opening in 1986.<br />
  13. 13. “In Place” Project Components<br />Permits<br />Approved plans<br />Land (sale approved & in escrow w/ City of Temecula)<br />Seasoned & successful management team<br />
  14. 14. Must Haves…<br />Land purchase funding: (sale pending, in escrow)<br />Construction project funding<br />Equity investors<br />Conventional financing<br />* prior secured funding was committed to by Vineyard National Bank now in receivership by FDIC<br />
  15. 15. Planned Utilization of Resources<br />Total Project Cost: $23.8 Million<br />Current Project Equity $10 Million<br />Project Financing Requirement: $14 Million<br />Land Cost: $5.7 Million<br />Total Hard Cost: $17 Million<br />Total Soft Cost:(working capital, misc. costs/fees, etc.):$1.1Million<br />
  16. 16. Win / Win<br />Documentable History of <br />25% avg. annualized return to investors(investments are not guaranteed, involve possible risk of loss, including possible loss of principal).<br />Tax revenue Increase to city through utilization of Temecula amenities<br />400,000 estimated guests per season will bring benefit to local business by utilization of local amenities:<br />Dining <br />Shopping <br />Old Town <br />Casino <br />Wineries <br />Hotels<br />etc.<br />Outgrowth Development: <br />Park Job creation (seasonal & full time)<br />Construction (jobs)<br />Revenue growth to surrounding businesses (restaurants, shopping mall, hotels, casino, golf)<br />Wine Country, (wine tasting, dining)<br />etc.<br />Exceptional safety & incident record(only 4 reportable incidents in entire 2009 season of over 400,000 guests)<br />Youth Development & Training Programs:<br />Red Cross approved<br />Life Saving<br />Life Guard<br />First Aide / CPR<br />Job experience in a responsible environment.<br />
  17. 17. How can we expedite project completion?<br />Help Make it happen. <br />We need…<br />Equity partnerships…<br />Equity partners help supplement project funding.<br />Equity investor dollars fund all or a portion of project cost in exchange for estimated high rates of return, (see PPM for specific details).<br /> **(investments are not guaranteed, involve possible risk of loss, including possible loss of principal).<br />Capital investment in land purchase may aid construction funding…<br />Equity Value of acquired land may collateralize funding of project cost.<br />Utilization of equity collateral may help obtain multi-bank participation & help fund a portion of construction cost.<br />
  18. 18. The Bottom Line…<br />With your help, the Splash Canyon project will happen; <br />Without your help the project may also happen, but over a prolonged period.<br />What does helping us provide to you? <br />The revenue from 400,000 guests spending money in Temecula will strengthen & support… <br /> a successful business community and a stronger Temecula economy.<br />The potential & opportunity to generate historically significant investment returns… <br /> from a documented & historically proven, success story, <br /> **(investments are not guaranteed, involve possible risk of loss, including possible loss of principal).<br />High profile cross promotional opportunities for involved businesses and equity participants…<br /> will generate new business opportunities & increase revenue for same.<br />Splash Canyon’s family theme park attraction in Temecula Valley…<br /> will further develop Temecula as a destination location.<br />Your help is our preferred approach to success.<br />Thank you,<br />Waterpark Ventures, LLC<br />Evan Gentry * (949) 545 - 6998 * (949) 412 - 8468<br />