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Thanksgiving 4

  2. 2. Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada on the 3rd Thursday of November.
  3. 3. Thanksgiving is a holiday to express thankfulness for possessions and relationships with family and friends. Traditionally, it has been a time to give thanks for a bountiful
  4. 4. Americans commonly believe that the first Thanksgiving happened with the Pilgrims in 1621 in Massachusetts. There is evidence for earlier celebrations in Canada (1578) and by Spanish explorers in Florida (1565).
  5. 5. The American Story The Pilgrims fled from England to America for religious freedom
  6. 6. The pilgrims sailed to America on a ship called the “Mayflower.”
  7. 7. The trip to America was long and hard. There were storms and the ship was really crowded.
  8. 8. When they got to America, it was winter and there were no food or houses. Many of the pilgrims died from sickness, starvation and freezing to death.
  9. 9. There were some people who lived in America already. The Pilgrims called them Indians. They saw the Pilgrims suffering and they decided to help them.
  10. 10. The Indians showed the Pilgrims how to hunt and fish. They helped them build houses out of the trees there. They showed them how to grow corn and pumpkins.
  11. 11. They showed them how to grow corn and pumpkins.
  12. 12. To celebrate, they had a great feast for one week. They ate turkey, fish, deer, sweet potatoes, corn and pumpkin. They played ball games, sang, and danced.
  13. 13. They gave a prayer of thanks for food, shelter, family and religious freedom.
  14. 14. In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln declared the holiday of Thanksgiving in November to give thanks for "general blessings."
  15. 15. We still have Thanksgiving today. Thanksgiving is celebrated today with a family reunion. Thanksgiving dinner is a popular American tradition.
  16. 16. Most families begin the meal with a prayer and everyone shares what they are thankful for. I am thankful for my family I am thankful for my dog I am thankful for my house
  17. 17. Cornucopia Turkey Pilgrim’s Hat Oven roasted Turkey with gravy sauce and cranberry jelly
  18. 18. Stuffing from inside the turkey
  19. 19. Ham
  20. 20. Sweet potatoes / yams
  21. 21. Mashed potatoes and bisquits with gravy
  22. 22. Green bean casserole
  23. 23. Pumpkin Pie for dessert
  24. 24. Apart from food, the biggest Thanksgiving traditions are football and parades. People watch football games and parades on television.
  25. 25. People associate Thanksgiving with the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. In order to attract customers, stores like Macy's sponsored elaborate parades like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  26. 26. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Many retailers open extremely early, usually 5AM or even earlier. Shoppers wait in line for hours before stores with big sales open. On occasion, injuries and even fatalities are reported. :o
  27. 27. THANKYOU!!!