The bass guitar


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Info on the Bass guitar

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The bass guitar

  1. 1.  The Bass guitar is a similar but different thing from a regular guitar.
  2. 2. Less strings A bass guitar has less strings than your average guitar. They usually have 4 strings, which are the most common. Some have 5, some have 6, but most bass guitars have 4.
  3. 3. Sound? The bass guitar produces a much deeper sound also.  The Bass makes a bum, while a regular guitar makes a Bing. (If that makes any sense).
  4. 4. Different Amps..? A guitar amp and a bass amp are 2 different things. It’s pretty much common sense, but while asking around, I found out that a lot of people didn’t know.
  5. 5. Recommended Sizes For personal use, I would suggest using a 10 to 30 watt amp.  (its all you really need for self use) For gigs, I would say go bigger; 75 watts or bigger.
  6. 6. How to play? The bass guitar can be played in pretty much 3 different ways…  Picking  Finger Strumming  And Slapping
  7. 7. Finger Strumming  Finger strumming is just how it sounds. You pull up on the strings, as simple as that. It’s more of a bluesy way to play. Finger strummers are usually into funk or blues.
  8. 8. Picking Picking is another way of playing, which is common for most rock or punk bands. Its pretty much just using a pick to strum the strings. (I use a pick, I find it easier. Plus… Its just my style.)
  9. 9. Slap Bass! The third way is Slap Bass, which is amazing! Slap bass is pretty much thumping the strings with your thumb while popping the strings with your other fingers. It’s a pretty awesome way to play!
  10. 10. Thanks for the Pictures! Slide 1- Nathanael Boehn, “My Bass Guitar”, November 17th, 2007 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution. Slide 2- Jonathan Blundell, “Fame Hondo bass guitar”’ October 30th, 2007 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution. Slide 3- Baljit Singh, “Bass & Amp”, March 17th, 2011 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution. Slide 4- Holly Jenkins, “Bass and amp”, January 16th, 2011 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution. Slide 6- Llinos, “The Pains of Being Pure at Heart”, May 18th, 2009 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution Slide 8- Paul Reay, “Bass guitarist”, August 2nd, 2009 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution. Slide 10- Midlands Rocks, “Red Hot Chili Peppers”, November 19th, 2011 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution