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  1. 1. Our Father, above us and all around us … May your unspeakable Name be revered. Here on earth may your kingdom come. On earth, as in heaven, may your will be done.
  2. 2. Give us today our bread for today. Forgive us our wrongs as we forgive. Lead us away from the perilous trial; liberate us from the evil.
  3. 3. For the kingdom is yours and yours alone, the power is yours and yours alone, and the glory is yours and yours alone, Now and forever. Amen.
  4. 4. Conventional View Emerging View The Human God created the world as perfect, God created the world as good, but Situation: What but because our primal human beings – as individuals, and as is the story that ancestors, Adam and Eve, did groups – have rebelled against God and we find not maintain the absolute filled the world with evil and injustice ourselves in? perfection demanded by God, like a terrible disease. God wants to save God has irrevocably determined humanity and heal it from its sickness, that the entire universe and all it but humanity is hopelessly lost and contains will be destroyed, and confused, like sheep without a shepherd, the souls of all human beings – wandering farther and farther into except for those specifically lostness and danger. Left to themselves, exempted – will be forever human beings will spiral downward in punished for their imperfection sickness and evil. in hell.1 Basic Since everyone is doomed to Since the human race is in such desperate Questions: What hell, Jesus seeks to answer these trouble, Jesus seeks to answer this questions did questions: how can individuals question: what must be done about the Jesus come to be saved from eternal mess we’re in? The mess refers both to answer? punishment in hell and instead the general human condition and its go to heaven after they die? How specific outworking among his can God help individuals be contemporaries: living under domination happy and successful until then? by the Roman empire, and divided into various competing sects. Jesus’ message: Jesus says, in essence, “If you Jesus says, in essence, “Other people and How did Jesus want to be among those groups – including your own religious respond to the specifically qualified to escape leaders - are leading you farther and crisis? being forever punished for your farther astray. I have been sent by God sins in hell, you must repent of with this good news – that God loves your individual sins and believe humanity, even in its lostness and sin. that my Father punished me on God graciously invites everyone and the cross so He won’t have to anyone to question and reject what they punish you in hell. Only if you have been told and instead follow a new believe this will you go to path. Trust me and become my disciple, heaven when everyone else is and you will be transformed, and you will banished to hell.”2 This is the participate in the transformation of the good news. world, which is possible, beginning right now.”3 This is the good news. 1 Of course, there are many modern western non-religious ontologies and framing stories too, plus Eastern ontologies and framing stories – both religious and irreligious. 2 This reflects a Calvinistic Evangelical protestant version of the message. The popular Roman Catholic version might say, “You must believe in the teachings of the church and follow its instructions, especially those regarding sacraments.” The popular mainline or liberal Protestant