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Episcopal horizon


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may 2013, baltimore

Published in: Spiritual
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Episcopal horizon

  1. 1. 1vitality on the horizon(part 1):message & welcome
  2. 2. Consider that we live in at least threeworlds.Pre-modern worldNon-modern worldModern worldEmerging worldNowThe TableThe SwordThe BookThe GunThe ScreenThe Bomb
  3. 3. OldParadigm/ModelEarly TransitionLate Transition?NewParadigm/Model
  4. 4. OldParadigm/ModelEarly TransitionLate TransitionNewParadigm/Model
  5. 5. As Episcopalians, you have uniquedisadvantagesandadvantagesin this moment
  6. 6. Advantages1. A Via Media Mindset:Many Anglicans never fully surrendered to modernrationalism: openness to mysticism, experience2. A Celtic Mindset:Vestiges of non-Roman Christianity3. A Diverse Mindset:Space to differ4. A Liturgical Mindset:Space to experience God, bonding to meaning,beauty of worship, participatory
  7. 7. Disadvantages1. An Upper-Class Mindset:Elitist, “civilized,” uniform, one-size fits all, propriety2. An Institutional Mindset:Centralized, controlled, change-resistant, risk averse,bureaucratic - averse to charismatic leadership3. A Christendom Mindset:Parish/geography, people ought to come to us4. A Bi-polar Mindset:Cold-war: Liberal-conservative
  8. 8. Disadvantages1. An Upper-ClassMindset:2. An InstitutionalMindset:3. A ChristendomMindset:4. A Bi-polarMindset:Advantages1. A Via MediaMindset:2. A Celtic Mindset:3. A DiverseMindset:4. A LiturgicalMindset:QuickTime™ and aTIFF (Uncompressed) decompressorare needed to see this picture.
  9. 9. Starting Point:Music?Structure?Space?Liturgy?Politics?New Coat of Paint?Parking?message?
  10. 10. Needed:A radically new/oldunderstanding of the gospel… our core message asChristians.
  11. 11. Our contemporary understanding of Christianity is …MEMBERSHIP IN ATROUBLED, CONFLICTED,CHANGE-AVERSE, ANDEXPENSIVE INSTITUTIONwith a large taboo against holding certain political and socialconvictions.with a bias toward being good citizenswith a concern for religious educationwith a seldom-spoken of dream of joining God in the healing of the world.
  12. 12. Or …INFORMATION ONHOW TO GO TO HEAVENAFTER YOU DIEwith a large footnote about increasing your personalhappiness and success through God.with a small footnote about character developmentwith a smaller footnote about spiritual experiencewith a smaller footnote about social/global transformation.
  13. 13. selfchurchworldSelf-enhancementin this life and thenextheaven
  14. 14. selfchurchworldheaven
  15. 15. worldselfchurchGod’s love, joy, peace,justice
  16. 16. After John was put in prison, Jesuswent into Galilee, proclaiming thegood news of God.The time has come, he said. Thekingdom of God has come near.Repent and believe the good news!Mark 1:15
  17. 17. Your kingdom come.Your will be done on earth as it is inheaven.
  18. 18. It does NOT teach us to pray …May we come to your kingdom whenwe die.May we all go to heaven where,unlike earth, your will is done.
  19. 19. Jesus’ gospel of the kingdom* callsus to make (or form) disciples whobecome agents of change (ormission) in our world …It is not simply a call to preserveinstitutions, create “Christians” or“Episcopalians” or whatever.
  20. 20. What would you be willing togive, risk, sacrifice, and tryin order to build a communitydedicated to this vision offorming disciples as agents of thekingdom (or dream, or dance, orregenerative economy …)of God?
  21. 21. Our world faces either a greatturning, or a catastrophic collapseand recovery ...In light of our three primaryglobal crises -PlanetPovertyPeace -
  22. 22. Either way, our world wouldbe better off if it was filledwith more people who arelearning to live and share thegood news of Jesus Christ.
  23. 23. 23A joyful rediscovery of our beautiful messageis on the horizon ...
  24. 24. 24How clear are Episcopalians on ourmessage? How are we doing atcommunicating to the world at large thatthis is what we stand for?
  25. 25. Message.Welcome.
  26. 26. We have a choice:1. A single, more welcoming public space2. Multiple more welcoming public, social,personal, and intimate spacespublicsocialpersonalintimate
  27. 27. public - some churches, public institutions,outdoors, media, virtual spacessocial - most churches, front porches,coffee shops, restaurants, groups,clubs, etc.personal - homes, living rooms, tablesintimate - private rooms, offices, tables,cars, etc.
  28. 28. publicsocialpersonalintimate(Joe Myers: The Search to Belong)
  29. 29. 16:11 From Troas we put out tosea and sailed straight forSamothrace, and the next daywe went on to Neapolis. 12From there we traveled toPhilippi, a Roman colony and theleading city of that district ofMacedonia. And we stayed thereseveral days.
  30. 30. 13 On the Sabbath we went outside thecity gate to the river, where we expected tofind a place of prayer. We sat down andbegan to speak to the women who hadgathered there. 14 One of those listeningwas a woman from the city of Thyatiranamed Lydia, a dealer in purple cloth. Shewas a worshiper of God. The Lord openedher heart to respond to Pauls message. 15When she and the members of herhousehold were baptized, she invited us toher home. "If you consider me a believer inthe Lord," she said, "come and stay at myhouse." And she persuaded us.
  31. 31. 16 Once when we were going to theplace of prayer, we were met by afemale slave who had a spirit bywhich she predicted the future. Sheearned a great deal of money forher owners by fortune-telling. 17She followed Paul and the rest of us,shouting, "These men are slaves ofthe Most High God, who are tellingyou the way to be saved."
  32. 32. 18 She kept this up for manydays. Finally Paul became soannoyed that he turned aroundand said to the spirit, "In thename of Jesus Christ I commandyou to come out of her!" At thatmoment the spirit left her.
  33. 33. 19 When her owners realized thattheir hope of making money wasgone, they seized Paul and Silas anddragged them into the marketplace toface the authorities. 20 They broughtthem before the magistrates and said,"These men are Jews, and arethrowing our city into an uproar 21 byadvocating customs unlawful for usRomans to accept or practice."
  34. 34. 22 The crowd joined in the attackagainst Paul and Silas, and themagistrates ordered them to be strippedand beaten with rods. 23 After they hadbeen severely flogged, they were throwninto prison, and the jailer wascommanded to guard them carefully. 24When he received these orders, he putthem in the inner cell and fastened theirfeet in the stocks.
  35. 35. 25 About midnightPaul and Silas werepraying and singinghymns to God, and theother prisoners werelistening to them.
  36. 36. 26 Suddenly there wassuch a violentearthquake that thefoundations of theprison were shaken.
  37. 37. May 2010Baltimore, MD4.5 on richter scale(viewer discretionadvsied)
  38. 38. At once all the prison doors flewopen, and everyones chainscame loose. 27 The jailer wokeup, and when he saw the prisondoors open, he drew his swordand was about to kill himselfbecause he thought theprisoners had escaped. 28 ButPaul shouted, "Dont harmyourself! We are all here!"
  39. 39. 29 The jailer calledfor lights, rushed in andfell trembling beforePaul and Silas. 30 Hethen brought them outand asked, "Sirs, whatmust I do to be saved?"
  40. 40. At once all the prison doors flewopen, and everyones chainscame loose. 27 The jailer wokeup, and when he saw the prisondoors open, he drew his swordand was about to kill himselfbecause he thought theprisoners had escaped. 28 ButPaul shouted, "Dont harmyourself! We are all here!"
  41. 41. 29 The jailer calledfor lights, rushed in andfell trembling beforePaul and Silas. 30 Hethen brought them outand asked, "Sirs, whatmust I do to be saved?"
  42. 42. 31 They replied, "Believe in the LordJesus, and you will be saved—you andyour household." 32 Then they spoke theword of the Lord to him and to all theothers in his house. 33 At that hour of thenight the jailer took them and washedtheir wounds; then immediately he and allhis household were baptized. 34 The jailerbrought them into his house and set ameal before them; he was filled with joybecause he had come to believe in God—he and his whole household.
  43. 43. 35 When it was daylight, themagistrates sent their officers tothe jailer with the order:"Release those men." 36 Thejailer told Paul, "The magistrateshave ordered that you and Silasbe released. Now you can leave.Go in peace."
  44. 44. 37 But Paul said to theofficers: "They beat uspublicly without a trial, eventhough we are Romancitizens, and threw us intoprison. And now do theywant to get rid of us quietly?No! Let them comethemselves and escort usout."
  45. 45. 38 The officers reported this to themagistrates, and when they heard thatPaul and Silas were Roman citizens,they were alarmed. 39 They came toappease them and escorted them fromthe prison, requesting them to leavethe city. 40 After Paul and Silas cameout of the prison, they went to Lydiashouse, where they met with thebelievers and encouraged them. Thenthey left.
  46. 46. The spaces of Acts 16City - publicRiverside (place of prayer) - socialLydia’s home - personalStreet - publicCity Center - publicJail - socialOutside jail - intimateJailer’s home - personalpublicsocialpersonalintimate
  47. 47. What makes public spaces more welcoming?What makes social spaces more welcoming?What makes personal spaces morewelcoming?What makes intimate spaces morewelcoming?
  48. 48. 51vitality on the horizon(part 1):message & welcome
  49. 49. 52vitality on the horizon(part 2):liturgy & mission
  50. 50. Episcopalians:congratulations!
  51. 51. Letting Go Letting ComeLetting Be
  52. 52. Death(Friday)Resurrection(Sunday)Burial(Saturday)
  53. 53. 57
  54. 54. 59
  55. 55. 60
  56. 56. 62
  57. 57. 63
  58. 58. Starting Point:Music?Structure?Space?Liturgy?Politics?New Coat of Paint?Parking?messagewelcomeliturgy
  59. 59. Liturgy: A planned successionof group practices and rituals.“The workout of the people”
  60. 60. Public Worship:a fitness center for the soul
  61. 61. Trainers/MentorsSoul Friends Soul FriendsYouSoul Friends Soul FriendsMentorees/Apprentices
  62. 62. 70What could be done to makeEpiscopal liturgy more accessibleand meaningful for present andpotential Episcopalians?
  63. 63. Getting healthyin shapestrong... for what?
  64. 64. Mission: God’swill/justice/peace being doneon earth as in heaven.
  65. 65. Starting Point:Music?Structure?Space?Liturgy?Politics?New Coat of Paint?Parking?messagewelcomeliturgymission
  66. 66. Desired Outcome:Christ-like discipleswho continue themovement of Christtoday, challenging allinstitutions to newgains, for the commongood of allcommunities.
  67. 67. The problem of organizedreligion ...
  68. 68. The problem of organizedreligion ...badly organized?disorganized?organized for the wrongpurposes?
  69. 69. The promise of organizedreligion ...organizing forthe right purposes!
  70. 70. The promise of organizedreligion ...organizing forthe right purposes!In Maryland and beyond...
  71. 71. think of this as apromotionbeginning with theneighborhoodto lay peopleto local clergyto national leadership
  72. 72. If you wanted to create a global movementto organize people to save the worldwhat better place to start thanthe church organized for missiontrained through liturgywelcoming new participantswith the good news of God’s love?
  73. 73. 89vitality on the horizonmessage, welcome,liturgy & mission
  74. 74. There are many reasonsto compare our churchesto an old male tortoise…
  75. 75. There are many reasons tocompare our churches toan old male tortoise …Slow-moving … isolated …Ancient-lookingwithdrawn in its shell … won’tstick its neck out
  76. 76. There aremanyreasons tocompare thecrises inour worldto atsunami …
  77. 77. There are many reasons tocompare the emergingglobal culture to anorphaned hippo …Orphaned by religion …science … government …the economy … technology
  78. 78. -formation?What could happen in ourworld if we turned backoutward toward ourneighbors - with goodnews, welcome, liturgy,and mission?
  79. 79. 104
  80. 80. Do not merely try to bring others towhere you are, as beautiful as thatplace might be.But do not leave others where they areeither.Instead, go with them to a placeneither you nor they have neverbeen before.Fr. Vincent Donovan (adapted)