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Nitobi/PhoneGap at Bootup 2011


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Published in: Technology
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Nitobi/PhoneGap at Bootup 2011

  1. 1. Nitobi/PhoneGap A serious look at serious business.
  2. 2. coincidence?
  3. 3. a meme is born
  4. 4. follow along... @andrecharland @brianleroux @nitobi @phonegap
  5. 5. 2007-ishNitobi moving from products to services.
  6. 6. two choicesspecialization or agnosticism
  7. 7. specializeKnow one thing well.
  8. 8. agnostic‣ generalized devs (tricky to do)‣ hire specialists (expensive to do)
  9. 9. pragmatic Be of the web.
  10. 10. detractors of web techare an endangered species Tanner Glass leaves them be.
  11. 11. web tech stack• the new frontline for browser wars is js engine execution• this leading to server impls like NodeJS• also seeing huge grfx perf improvements for things like WebGL
  12. 12. Ruby on Rails?
  13. 13. how we do• billable; hourly --- NO FIXED BIDS EVAR• track our time to the minute• estimates are in the spirit of literal meaning of the word• iterate; weekly or daily builds
  14. 14. crucial factors• revision control• unit tests• issue tracking• automated daily/weekly builds
  15. 15. non technical factors• UX and IxD own the product• Ship a min viable product• YAGNI
  16. 16. Ship EARLY• if a client wants it in a month see what can be launched in two weeks• long hours are detrimental to success: CUT SCOPE
  17. 17. Our office is mobile• basecamp to keep clients honest• git and github for issues, rcs, collab• harvest/coopapp for time tracking• google docs for other artifacts
  18. 18. we’ll throw out all those tools if aclient has an existing system in place
  19. 19. key to agnosticismStay on top of new tech. Listen to the devs.
  20. 20. 2008mobile web trending
  21. 21. time to build our acumen• @davejohnson started hacking his BlackBerry• @infil00p ordered himeself a G1• rest of us coveted our man jewellery iPhones
  22. 22. Aug 7, 2008
  23. 23. byproduct simple rules1. find a tough problem2. *attempting* to solve it is more than anyone else is doing3. you have just created value4. sometimes you can turn value into money
  24. 24. new problems• now our business is 75% services• those services were all over the map but none where in mobile
  25. 25. continued to build the story and acumen• 20% time hacking• related passion projects• informed our clients of our mobile war stories
  26. 26. evolution• phonegap/android came a month later• phonegap/blackberry a month after that• we now support: • ios, android, bb, symbian, webos, bada • soon: meego, wp7
  27. 27. solve problem when you have them.• git and github is fantastic. really you should be using it. (until you shouldn’t)• added a wiki when we needed docs• added a mailing list when we needed to support ppl using the software• formal docs came last year
  28. 28. licensing• MIT/BSD• Apache
  29. 29. growing up• taking outside contributers• having a formal release schedule• planning our future battles
  30. 30. two types of tech problems
  31. 31. • science• big ball of mud
  32. 32. science• distributed map/reduce• mapping the human genome• putting a gyroscope into orbit in one shot on a multibillion dollar budget
  33. 33. big ball of mud• mvc framework for language X• unit test frameworks for language X• dom library• any impedance mismatch, really
  34. 34. take away• tech deprecates: you do not have to• foster learning• use devs wisely; ask them about passion projects
  35. 35. YOUR tech deprecates• maintenance is not a chore• grand rewrites are paths to failure• you need advocates that are customers
  36. 36. marketing• not free but damn cheap• speak at confs• give away as much IP as possible• identify byproducts of value and champion
  37. 37. marketing cont..• blogs last forever: urls• tweets connect ppl• 3 min shitty screencast > polished docs
  38. 38. dev happyness• devs create value writing code• do everything you can to maximize that time inc 20% time• NO OVERTIME.• free them of noise, meetings, etc• give them the best tools, confs, etc• team w/ a rad UX / IxD person
  39. 39. dev happyness 2• don’t hire ‘rockstars’: create them• foster DISPASSIONATE devs• critical thinking > marketing dept zealotry• eradicate attachment to anything: ALL TECH DEPRECATES• have fun with it.
  40. 40. new direction• mullet business model• services that feed products that create services
  41. 41. Questions? Code? Hockey time nao?