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Mobile Knife Fighting at JSConf US

Project Automation for PhoneGap on OS X.

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Mobile Knife Fighting at JSConf US

  1. mobile knife fighting automated ass kicking
  2. Thank you. • Chris, Laura and Virgina • Guides. • Sponsors. • Beer!Amazing community. Honoured to be a part of it.
  3. mobile dev
  4. operating systems
  5. sdks
  6. devices
  7. Unix Philosophy 101• small well defined tools• stdin stdout stderr• ‘pipable’ (think cmd line chaining)• works with text• worse is better
  8. More Unix Philosophy• Small is beautiful.• Make each program do one thing well.• Build a prototype as soon as possible.• Choose portability over efficiency.• Store data in flat text files.• Use software leverage to your advantage.• Use shell scripts to increase leverage and portability.• Avoid captive user interfaces.• Make every program a filter.
  9. Unix Haters Handbook epic funny shit. read it.
  10. problem space• ios build chain requires a bullshit ide• android is fairly open, baffling tho• webos tools are fantastic• blackberry, bada, wp7 and others are windows based...
  11. Cordova• where I live• also where I work• I’m out of names
  12. Cordova• unix tools philosophy for mobile project• works on os x• likely works on *nix• apparently can work on windows [see 1] 1.) I don’t care
  13. what are we automating? • create • build • debug • test • release • logging • emulation
  14. why?• faster iteration• unified nomenclature• hide the proprietary build sludge
  15. IDE types will say...• the ide protects you from bugs• the ide gets you closer to the platform• the ide has step debugging
  16. HACK LIKE ITS 1972.
  17. better• the ide protects you from bugs• the ide is a leaky abstraction• the ide gets you closer to the platform• the ide locks you into the platform• the ide has step debugging• write fucking unit tests for chrissakes
  18. don’t like writing unit tests? thats ok.
  19. demo time
  20. thank you!•• @brianleroux on twitter