4 15-14 workshop - understanding google plus for your business


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  • The end game is the search result and getting to the top. Strategies will always change as will the way the search results are delivered to the end user. For example, over ½ of all local searches are performed on mobile devices and that number will continue to climb.As mobile search evolves, so do the search results.
  • SEO’rs have come to the conclusion that the quality and quantity of Google reviews are the single most important variable determining inclusion and ranking.
  • Local SEO is the practice of building signals of reliability around a location, or series of locations. In addition to some shared organic ranking factors, local SEO is influenced by citations, which are snippets of information Google gathers in order to get a read on your business location. Links play a part in local rankings as well, but the best links for local are also used to further corroborate location. For example, a link from your local food bank gives search engines valuable information about your location, and status.Google wants to know that the businesses it lists in local search results are a part of the community, and are a good fit for its users.
  • Traditional organic SEO involves marketing content that isn’t tied to a brick and mortar office.By contrast, organic search results aren’t tied to brick and mortar signals. Citations in the traditional sense, don’t influence organic rankings as much. Organic pages can rank independent of the underlying location of the publisher, by creating localized content. In traditional organic SEO, Google is looking for trusted content, rather than a trusted location. Links are one way Google measures trust. The more high quality links pointing to a given domain, at the page and domain level, the better the content performs in search.
  • Pure organic search results are a mix of businesses, magazines, articles, social media profiles, and more.
  • Google+ - categories, keyword in business title, proximity, etc.Ext. Loc. Signals – IYP, Aggregators, NAP Consistency, Citation Volume, etc.On- Page Signals – Presence of NAP, keywords in titles, domain authority, ect.When we refer to links, we are referring to natural quality links for great content generation and social sharing
  • The big difference between Google+ and other social networks is that Google+ is everywhere. Integrated with other Google products such as search, gmail, contacts, YouTube and more.It’s much more of an interest based network. Facebook = Personal..family and friend. Interrupting. The mechanics on a technical level represent more possibilities. Especially what happens after you post. As a marketer this is what you want.
  • Google+ communities are about exploring your interests and exchanging ideas. Anybody can create a community and you can make it public or private
  • No matter what you're into, there are people on Google+ who share your interests.So join a few public communities around the topics you’re passionate about and connect with the influencers.
  • 4 15-14 workshop - understanding google plus for your business

    1. 1. Dominate with Google+
    2. 2. Sources Noted Follow Foxxr & you can find the link to this presentation on….. Before We Begin http://moz.com
    3. 3. WEDNESDAY NIGHTS TWICE PER MONTH 5:30 - 7:00 pm foxxr.com/workshops Internet Marketing Workshops
    4. 4. Questions from Attendees What burning question do you have regarding Google+ Ariana Newcomer - How to use it most efficiently to minimize the amount of time I spend! (Too much time on FB already...) Coco - how do I do it? David Lucky - How necessary is Google+, and can you still have good SEO results without Google+ Jason Miller - I see google+ as making a move to combine LInkedin and Facebook with the benefit of being OWNED by a search engine. I would like to see if I am right and learn more on how to use it to my advantage. Or keep ignoring it as I have been. :) Karen Holaday - Learn more about online marketing. Penelope Faure - how to handle privacy settings especially now that Google seems to be integrating all its properties with your plus profile such as Picasa, Maps, calendar, docs, etc Susan S - Will it replace linkedin?
    5. 5. GUARANTEED!
    6. 6. Google Rules Search https://www.comscore.com
    7. 7. Anatomy of a Local Search Result Page
    8. 8. Local Search Carousel
    9. 9. Local Search Result
    10. 10. Organic Local Search Result
    11. 11. Pure Organic Search (No Geo Modifier)
    12. 12. Trusted Locations and Trusted Content
    13. 13. Local Search Ranking Factors ExternalLoc.Signals What’s Important? • Google+ • Internet Directories • Optimized Website • Quality Links • Reviews and Testimonials
    14. 14. Let’s Talk Google+
    15. 15. How to Get There
    16. 16. How to Get There
    17. 17. Complete Your Profile
    18. 18. Google+ Circles = Google Contacts
    19. 19. Google+ Profile
    20. 20. Google Authorship 1. Google highlights your interesting content 2. Searchers recognize content that you’ve written. 3. They can view more articles you’ve written http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/
    21. 21. Andy’sAuthorship Profile
    22. 22. Flora Vista Inn Google+ Page
    23. 23. Emotion, Trust, Authority Your Google+ page is an extension of your brand. Use this page to connect with emotion, trust and authority.
    24. 24. Google Publisher / Direct Connect
    25. 25. Google+ Circles http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/circles/
    26. 26. Google+ Communities http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/communities/
    27. 27. Join Communities. Connect with Influencers!
    28. 28. Discover Google+ Communities
    29. 29. Join a Community
    30. 30. Google+ Posts
    31. 31. Google+ Posts
    32. 32. Google+ Post Options
    33. 33. View Post Activity
    34. 34. View Post Ripples
    35. 35. View Post Ripples
    36. 36. Hashtags – ie. #santacruz
    37. 37. BONUS MATERIAL
    38. 38. https://support.google.com/plus Discover More with Google Help
    39. 39. More Support Links http://www.google.com/+/learnmore/
    40. 40. http://plusyourbusiness.com Martin Shervington
    41. 41. https://plus.google.com/114918475211209783081/posts/AoNGgqJCq26 Google+ Checklist
    42. 42. foxxr.com/review
    43. 43. Review Encouragement Call Brian Childers at 831-531-7771 to order with FREE SETUP branded for your company
    44. 44. Google Authorship – Step 1 https://plus.google.com/authorship
    45. 45. Google Authorship – Step 2 Verify Your email https://plus.google.com/authorship
    46. 46. Google Authorship – Step 3 Notice Verified email checkmark https://plus.google.com/authorship
    47. 47. Google Authorship – Step 4 WordPress Non WordPress 1. Visit - https://support.google.com/webm asters/answer/2539557?hl=en • Add Yoast SEO Plugin
    48. 48. Google Authorship – Step 5 WordPress Non WordPress 1. Visit - https://support.google.com/webm asters/answer/2539557?hl=en • Add Your Google+ Profile URL in User Profile field