Youth innovators - Social media for business


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For the Toronto Youth Innovators conference, a presentation about evaluating social media business brands and organizing a Twitter chat.

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Youth innovators - Social media for business

  1. 1. Social media is about people Measuring the success of people using social accounts
  2. 2. Empty house syndrome ● ● You wouldn't put out a jack-o-lantern on Halloween and then not answer the door. That's mean. We need people to answer the door at least some times; we can't always be home
  3. 3. The 8 point system ● ● 8 point scoring system to rate our social media presence Points awarded for: – Presence exists, graphics created, automated feed , evidence of human life, consistently engaged by human, evidence of listening, sharing by audience, engagement by audience Read this: How to evaluate your social media brand beyond the numbers
  4. 4. Twitter
  5. 5. Facebook
  6. 6. Twitter Chat Process Read this: What we learned from running our Twitter chats
  7. 7. Topic selection and content creation • It must happen at a specific date and time • It requires a venue (in the case of Twitter, that's your # hash tag) • You must communicate the value of attendance • You must set the agenda for what will happen at the event (For example, how long will it be and what questions will be answered?)
  8. 8. People: You’ve got personality! There are different roles to be fulfilled during a Twitter chat •Moderator – organizes the chat and drives the main conversation •Experts – provides answers to the subject matter questions •Guests – booked ahead and organically joining the chat, both to contribute and ask questions
  9. 9. Promotion: Internal battle cry Make some noise • Write tweets in advance and scheduled them with a tool like TweetDeck • Ask all involved stakeholders to promote the chat as well • Reach out to people who may be interested in the subject matter • Use a calendar invitation (Google, Outlook, Facebook, etc.)
  10. 10. Chat: Have a gameplan, audibles The chat begins • Lay down ground rules such as format of using Q1, Q2 to ask the planned questions and A1, A2 to respond. Remind people to use the hash tag. Embrace the chaos • Moderator tries to respond to everyone involved as much as possible • Be flexible with flow of conversation, planned questions • Stay positive
  11. 11. Recap and Report Write a blog post recapping the chat • Highlight what was learned • Make participants feel like stars and embed their tweets Report to the stakeholders with measurements • Use tracking and analytics tools to show reach, impressions, influencers involved, other impact values • What’s your next topic?