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How empathy will improve your marketing & sales pipeline


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Empathetic marketing is about moving out of our own mind and into the mind of the customer. =

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How empathy will improve your marketing & sales pipeline

  1. 1. Brian Carroll @brianjcarroll How Empathy Will Improve Your Marketing & Sales Pipeline
  2. 2. @brianjcarroll The Problem Photo credit:
  3. 3. @brianjcarroll The Problem Photo credit:
  4. 4. @brianjcarroll It begins with empathy Photo credit: Sharing another's feeling and thoughts Empathy is the marketer’s intuition.
  5. 5. @brianjcarroll Case Study: Empathic Marketing Watch the video / Source:
  6. 6. @brianjcarroll
  7. 7. @brianjcarroll Karen Thomas-Smith Vice President, Provider Marketing and Reference Management Optum
  8. 8. @brianjcarroll Results to-date • An integrated campaign that has generated over 12,000,000 impressions • More than 10,000 downloads of gated content • Results that have surpassed the team's goals by 250% • Over $120 million in sales pipeline creation to date Source:
  9. 9. @brianjcarroll 1) Put your customers first Instead of trying to sound interesting to others, be interested. Photo credit:
  10. 10. @brianjcarrollSource:
  11. 11. @brianjcarroll 2) Understand their motivation What are the steps they need take to say “yes”?
  12. 12. @brianjcarrollSource:
  13. 13. @brianjcarroll 3) Stop pushing, start conversing Develop conversations, not campaigns. Photo credit:
  14. 14. @brianjcarroll Quality Patient Access Medical Necessity Reimbursement Financial and Clinical Analytics Population Health Management Aligned Incentives Providing Care Clinical Care Coding and Documentation Care Delivery Model Managing Health Prepare for Change Optimize Performance Invest New Capital Patient Satisfaction Cost Navigating the journey from providing care to managing health Source:
  15. 15. @brianjcarroll 4) Focus on helping, not selling The best marketing feels like helping (because it is)
  16. 16. @brianjcarroll Client learning and relationships Source:
  17. 17. @brianjcarroll 5) Give content they’ll want to share It’s all about their relationships
  18. 18. @brianjcarroll Landing Pages PRIMARY CONTENT Banner Ads Blog Series Email Templates Reimagining content SUPPLEMENTAL CONTENT
  19. 19. @brianjcarroll Content machine Source:
  20. 20. @brianjcarroll 6) Remember that proximity is influence Empower those closest to your customer achieve this
  21. 21. @brianjcarroll Connecting Lead Gen/Sales Source:
  22. 22. “It's very difficult to design something for someone if you have no empathy.” Stewart Butterfield, CEO Slack Source:
  23. 23. “I fundamentally believe that empathy is the most powerful force in B2B marketing.” Alan Cohen, Chief Commercial Officer Illumio Source:
  24. 24. “The need for empathy towards the buyer is huge. It’s a differentiator…” Doug Brown, Chief Marketing Officer IBM Systems Source:
  25. 25. @brianjcarroll 7) Practice empathy Photo credit: Be the change you want to see
  26. 26. @brianjcarroll Empathy case study on the right message 26 Background: ActiveNetwork is a large event management software provider Goal: To increase total lead inquiries (phone calls + form sign-ups) from visitors who abandoned the free trial sign-up process Research Question: Which email tone will result in a higher rate of lead inquiries? Test Design: A/B single factor split Source: email-copywriting-change-tone.html
  27. 27. @brianjcarroll Control Treatment Empathy case study on the right message Using A/B testing Source: email-copywriting-change-tone.html
  28. 28. @brianjcarroll Standard Sales Tone Control Empathetic/Service Tone Treatment Empathy case study on the right message Using A/B testing Source: email-copywriting-change-tone.htmlc
  29. 29. @brianjcarroll Treatment Empathetic/Service Tone 7.08% Conversion Rate Control Standard Sales Tone 1.58% Conversion Rate Empathy case study on the right message Using A/B testing Source: email-copywriting-change-tone.htmlc
  30. 30. @brianjcarroll Control Treatment Empathy case study on the right message Using A/B testing ! By addressing the customer’s anxiety (with empathy) through the tone of the email copy, they saw a 349% increase in total lead inquiries Source: email-copywriting-change-tone.html
  31. 31. @brianjcarroll 7) Practice empathy Photo credit: When organizations allow a deep emotional understanding of people’s needs to inspire them—and transform their work, their teams and even their organization at large—they unlock the creative capacity for innovation. ~ IDEO’s Empathy On The Edge Be the change you want to see
  32. 32. @brianjcarroll Takeaways Empathy is your marketing intuition. You can be high-customer or high-self. Be high-customer. People don't want to be marketed “to,” people want to be communicated “with.” People don’t buy from companies, people buy from people. Apply empathy inside to positively impact those outside.
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