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Fb adverts

  1. 1. Advertising on Facebook Details and Requirement
  2. 2. Why Facebook Ads• Facebook has currently more than 800 million active users• More than 50% users log on to Facebook everyday• An average user has 130 friends• Using Facebook ads, advertisers can • Build awareness - Reach a large audience with a widely targeted ad campaign • Drive sales- Offer special deals and giveaways in ad campaign to bring more customers • Grow the fan base - Encourage people to like a Page by offering valuable benefits for engaging
  3. 3. Facebook Ads Explained• Facebook Ads are different from search based ads• Facebook Ads are integrated into the Facebook user experience• This means that advertisers can target potential customers based on demographic and geographic preferences as well as specific likes and interests• Hence Facebook ads are targeted using the information people share and enter in their profiles.
  4. 4. Why Facebook Ads are better• Through a series of simple social actions, such as liking your business’ Facebook page or RSVPing to your event, people can quickly interact with your business, without ever leaving their current page• When this happens, a user sees a friend’s name in your ad, giving the ad a personal recommendation• Just like in real life, recommendations from friends on Facebook are really powerful, making it 68% more likely to remember the ad
  5. 5. Steps to create Successful Ads Identify your goals Do you want to:• Drive awareness of your company’s Facebook Page?• Increase recognition and awareness of your business brand or name?• Acquire new sales leads?• Get more people to like your Facebook Page?• Get more people to visit your company website or online store?• Increase sales by offering a special discount code for Facebook customers?
  6. 6. Steps to create Successful Ads Know your Audience• Who do you want to reach with your ad?• What information will get their attention?• Where are your customers located?• Are your customers a specific age range?• Does your audience share an interest in a particular topic?
  7. 7. Steps to create Successful Ads Choose target audience according to• Location – by city, state, province, or country• Demographics – by age range, gender, language, relationship status• Likes and interests – customers’ hobbies or passions, e.g. a pizza outlet can target themes like ‘eating out with friends’, ‘takeouts’ and ‘italian pizza’• Education and work – students in a specific university or people with a particular level of education
  8. 8. Steps to create Successful Ads Campaign Budget and Bidding Options• Daily budget: amount to spend on specific campaign for each day that it’s running• Lifetime budget: amount to spend between a finite period of time. E.g. 10,000 INR for a 10 day campaign• Cost Per Click (CPC): you pay only when someone clicks on your Ad. You are not charged for displaying the Ad to the Facebook users on their wall• Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM): you pay based on the number of times the ad is displayed to people. However, if they click on the ad, you will not be charged for those clicks
  9. 9. Choosing your bid• Facebook suggests a bid price based on the targeting options• Suggested bid falls within the range of bids currently winning the auction among similar ads• Currently the suggested bid range by Facebook – Cost Per Click: 120-130 INR* – Cost Per Thousand Impression: 50-60 INR* *These are current suggestions by Facebook. They vary according to the number of advertisers bidding for similarly targeted customers at the time of placing the Ad
  10. 10. Thank You