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GDPR & Brexit - What Does the Future Hold?


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An overview of the issues relating to GDPR and the transfer of personal data between the EU and the UK once Brexit comes into effect in March 2019. This issue is of concern to data protection professionals and those responsible for protecting the privacy of data entrusted to them

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GDPR & Brexit - What Does the Future Hold?

  1. 1. GDPR & BREXIT What Does the Future Hold? Brian Honan
  2. 2.  The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the update to the EU Data Protection Directive  With a Strong Focus on Individual’s Privacy Rights  Came into Force 24th May 2016  Will Apply Across All 28 EU Member States 25th May 2018 What is GDPR?
  3. 3. EU GDPR Applies to EU Member States
  4. 4. EU GDPR Also Applies Globally
  5. 5. May 2016 GDPR Ratified March 2017 Article 50 Triggered May 2018 GDPR Comes Into Force April 2019 Brexit?? GDPR & Brexit Overlap
  6. 6. “The Bill will bring the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into UK law, helping Britain prepare for a successful Brexit.”
  7. 7. GDPR May 25th 2018
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