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The Ubiquity Partner Network: Global Support for Publishing


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Talk given March 2 2015 at the Sri Lankan Journals Online Workshop, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Published in: Science
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The Ubiquity Partner Network: Global Support for Publishing

  1. 1. / @ubiquitypress SLJOL Workshop, Colombo, 2 March 2015 Brian Hole, Founder and CEO The Ubiquity Partner Network Global Support for Publishing
  2. 2. / @ubiquitypress To return control of publishing to universities and researchers, providing them with the infrastructure and support to not only match but to outcompete the legacy publishers. About Ubiquity Press Background Mission  Spun out of University College London in 2012  Researcher-led  50+ years publishing experience (BioMed Central, PLoS, Elsevier, IoP)  Current staff of 13, office in London  Comprehensive approach: journals, books, data, software, hardware, bioresources…
  3. 3. / @ubiquitypress
  4. 4. / @ubiquitypress The Social Contract of Science • Validation • Dissemination • Further development Scientific Malpractice • Data • Results • Software • Hardware, wetware… #@%$#@ % #@%$# Source:
  5. 5. / @ubiquitypress
  6. 6. / @ubiquitypress Source: Washington Post, May 7 2013 / Imgur: than-half-of-humanity-lives-within-this-circle/
  7. 7. / @ubiquitypress Source: Nature News, 20 April 2011, DOI: 10.1038/472276a
  8. 8. / @ubiquitypress
  9. 9. / @ubiquitypress Providing a solution for presses
  10. 10. / @ubiquitypress Journal support: stages one to three Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Hosting X X X Basic journal design(1) X X X Software updates and bug fixes X X X Article level metrics, altmetrics(2) X X X Connection with wider network X X X AuthorAid integration X X X Back content loading X X X Current content loading optional X Journal information management optional X Editorial manager support optional X Peer review oversight optional X Promotion - calls for papers optional X Copyediting level 1 optional X XML & PDF production optional X Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Domain registration and management optional X ISSN management optional X DOI self-registration (3) X X DOI registration optional X Indexing optional X Archiving (CLOCKSS) optional X Promotion- social media optional X Promotion - fliers optional X Promotion - press releasing optional X APC handling optional X Journal-level reports optional X Portal level reports X X CrossCheck anti-plagiarism screening optional X Portico preservation services optional optional CrossMark trusted articles optional optional (1) Standard platform and colours, text logo. (2) Some Altmetrics require DOIs (3) Client requires own CrossRef membership and pays for DOIs
  11. 11. / @ubiquitypress STAGE 3: APCS FROM £300 / LKR60,000
  12. 12. / @ubiquitypress Research integrity Full anti-plagiarism checking Provision for open research data and software archiving with all publications Rigorous peer review Editorial guidance and training Provision for open peer review COPE membership for all editors Close links with society’s ethics committee
  13. 13. / @ubiquitypress Peer review and cascading content
  14. 14. / @ubiquitypress The Ubiquity Partner Network
  15. 15. / @ubiquitypress An Inclusive Partnership Model Sustainability “No Bird Left Behind!” Simple hosting models, for cases where APCs are not viable TJ Gehling, ‘Formation flying’ (CC-BY) Growth Success Helping journals and presses progress towards: Sri Lanka Journals Online University of Utrecht
  16. 16. / @ubiquitypress For any questions, please contact Ubiquity Press website: Koh, A. 2012. Open Access Ahoy! An Interview with Ubiquity Press. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Available: More information