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The Journal of Open Economics Data

  1. 1.                      /  @ubiquitypress   Brian  Hole   MIT,  7  June  2013   The  Journal  of  Open  Economics  Data  
  2. 2.                      /  @ubiquitypress   The  Social  Contract   of  Science   •  ValidaHon   •  DisseminaHon   •  Further  development   ScienHfic  MalpracHce   •  Publishers   •  Researchers   •  Libraries,  repositories…  
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  4. 4.                      /  @ubiquitypress   Repositories   Modified  from:  XKCD  
  5. 5.                      /  @ubiquitypress   Metajournals  as  incen9ves  
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  8. 8.                      /  @ubiquitypress   Why  data  journals?   Amsterdam  manifesto:   4.  A  data  citaHon  in  a  publicaHon  should   resemble  a  bibliographic  citaHon  and  be   located  in  the  publicaHon’s  reference  list.   •  Data  can  (and  should)  be  cited  using  DataCite  DOIs   in  arHcles,  but  this  is  not  enough.   •  Researchers  understand  the  value  of  papers   •  University  departments  and  the  REF  understand   papers   •  Researchers  know  where  to  put  paper  refs,  no   need  for  extra  guidelines   •  Publishers  rouHnely  strip  out  anything  else   •  Familiar  impact  metrics  can  be  collected  
  9. 9.                      /  @ubiquitypress   What  is  a  data  paper?   A  data  paper  is  not…   •  …  a  research  paper.  A  data  paper  only     describes  a  dataset.  But  it  will  reference   research  papers  that  are  based  on  the  data.   •  …  simply  replicaHon  of  the  informaHon  in  a     data  repository.   A  data  paper…   •  …  describes  the  methodology  with  which   a  dataset  was  created.   •  …  describes  the  dataset  itself.   •  …  details  the  reuse  potenHal  of  the  data.   •  …  is  o_en  authored  by  a  data  scienHst.   •  …  is  citable,  enabling  reuse  to  be  tracked.  
  10. 10.                      /  @ubiquitypress   General  structure   •  Title   •  Authors,  affiliaHons   •  Abstract   •  Keywords   •  Context   •  SpaHal  coverage,  temporal  coverage   •  Methods   •  Steps,  sampling  strategy,  quality  control,  constraints,   ethical  consideraHons       •  Dataset  descripHon   •  Object  names,  data  type,  format  names  &  versions,   creators,  creaHon  dates,  language,  license,  locaHon   (DOI),  publicaHon  date   •  Reuse  potenHal   •  Acknowledgements   •  References  
  11. 11.                      /  @ubiquitypress   1. The  paper  contents   a.  The  methods  secHon  of  the  paper  must  provide   sufficient  detail  that  a  reader  can  understand  how   the  resource  was  created.   b.  The  resource  must  be  correctly  described.   c.  The  reuse  secHon  must  provide  concrete  and  useful   suggesHons  for  reuse  of  the  reuse.   2.  The  deposited  resource   a.  The  repository  must  be  suitable  for  resource   and  have  a  sustainability  model.   b. Open  license  permits  unrestricted  access  (e.g.  CC0).   c.  A  version  in  an  open,  non-­‐proprietary  format.   d. Labeled  in  such  a  way  that  a  3rd  party  can  make   sense  of  it.   e.  Must  be  acHonable.   Peer  review  
  12. 12.                      /  @ubiquitypress   •  The  journal  needs  to  be  built  within  the  community,  and   to  adapt  to  its  requirements   Important  principles   •  Community  ownership  and  trust  is  important   •  Full  transparency  in  processes  and  finances   •  Sustainability   •  Low  barriers  essenHal   •  No  to  low  fees   •  Quick  online  authoring   •  Repository  integraHon  
  13. 13.                      /  @ubiquitypress   Setup   •  Editors   •  Editor  in  Chief   •  Managing  Editor  (in-­‐house)     •  Advisory  board   •  Full  range  of  subdisciplinary  representaHon   •  PromoHon  of  journal   •  Assist  in  bringing  in  publicaHons   •  Advice  on  peer  review,  repositories   •  Data  peer  reviewers   •  Range  of  subdisciplinary  experHse   •  Repositories   •  NaHonal,  subject,  insHtuHonal,  journal-­‐level   •  Paper  structure   •  Authors  
  14. 14.                      /  @ubiquitypress   Links   Looking  for:   •  Editorial  Advisory  Board  members   •  Authors   •  Data  reviewers   hfp://   hfp://       Please  contact