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Publishing Long Tail Data

Presentation given to the Long Tail Data Interest Group at the Research Data Alliance 3rd Plenary, Dublin, Ireland, 28 March 2014.

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Publishing Long Tail Data

  1. 1. / @ubiquitypress Research Data Alliance 3rd Plenary, Dublin, 28 March 2014 Brian Hole, Founder and CEO Publishing Long Tail Data
  2. 2. / @ubiquitypress Multidisciplinary interoperability
  3. 3. / @ubiquitypress Repositories Modified from: XKCD
  4. 4. / @ubiquitypress
  5. 5. / @ubiquitypress PRIME: Publisher, Repository and Institutional Metadata Exchange Use case: researcher deposits data through data journal
  6. 6. / @ubiquitypress Shared peer review with social recognition