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Data Journals & Data Papers


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Talk given at the “Shareable by Design: Making research data available for access” workshop, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, November 12 2014

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Data Journals & Data Papers

  1. 1. / @ubiquitypress Brian Hole, Founder and CEO “Shareable by Design: Making research data available for access” workshop London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, November 12 2014 Data journals & data papers
  2. 2. / @ubiquitypress To return control of publishing to university and society presses, providing them with the infrastructure and support to advance publishing in the interest of researchers. About Ubiquity Press Background Mission  Spun out of University College London in 2012  Researcher-led  Extensive publishing background as well (BioMed Central, PLoS, Elsevier, IOP)  Based in London  Comprehensive approach: journals, books, data, software, hardware, wetware….
  3. 3. / @ubiquitypress The Social Contract of Science • Validation • Dissemination • Further development Scientific Malpractice • Data • Results • Software • Hardware, wetware… #@%$#@ % #@%$# Source:
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  6. 6. / @ubiquitypress The basics of the model Data papers are short 1) Low barrier data publication Peer review is quick and objective 2) Online authoring Low APC: £100 Lower cost (straight to XML) Encourages shorter form 3) 100% open access only (CC-BY) 4) The publisher is not the repository No-questions-asked waivers
  7. 7. / @ubiquitypress Repositories Modified from: XKCD
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  9. 9. / @ubiquitypress 1. The paper contents a. The methods section of the paper must provide sufficient detail that a reader can understand how the resource was created. b. The resource must be correctly described. c. The reuse section must provide concrete and useful suggestions for reuse of the reuse. 2. The deposited resource a. The repository must be suitable for resource and have a sustainability model. b. Open license permits unrestricted access (e.g. CC0), or access guaranteed if criteria met (must qualify) c. A version in an open, non-proprietary format. d. Labeled in such a way that a 3rd party can make sense of it. e. Must be actionable. Peer review
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  14. 14. / @ubiquitypress Any questions? Or please feel free to contact