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Data availability policies and licensing



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Data availability policies and licensing

  1. 1.                      /  @ubiquitypress   Brian  Hole   The  Now  and  Future  of  Data  Publishing,  Oxford,  22  May  2013   Data  availability  policies   and  licensing  
  2. 2.                      /  @ubiquitypress   The  Social  Contract   of  Science   •  ValidaLon   •  DisseminaLon   •  Further  development   ScienLfic  MalpracLce   •  Publishers   •  Researchers   •  Libraries,  repositories…  
  3. 3.                      /  @ubiquitypress  
  4. 4.                      /  @ubiquitypress   •  To  allow  use  material  for  research:  private  study,  criLcism   and  review.  Academics,  public,  private  sector.   We  need  fair  use  copyright  excep8ons     •  To  allow  mining  of  both  text  and  data,  by  academics  and   private  sector.   •  To  allow  material  to  be  freely  used  in  teaching  and  exams   •  Copyright  excepLons  are  currently  not  harmonized  across   the  world,  so  researchers  have  to  deal  with  a  different  set   of  excepLons  in  each  country   •  The  Hargreaves  report  recommended  this  for  the  UK  but   it  is  not  yet  in  law  
  5. 5.                      /  @ubiquitypress   Text  and  data  mining   [the  benefits  of  text  mining  include]:  “increased  researcher  efficiency;   unlocking  hidden  informaLon  and  developing  new  knowledge;  exploring   new  horizons;  improved  research  and  evidence  base;  and  improving  the   search  process  and  quality.  Broader  economic  and  societal  benefits   include  cost  savings  and  producLvity  gains,  innovaLve  new  service   development,  new  business  models  and  new  medical  treatments.”   JISC   “The  downstream  value  of  high  quality,  high  throughput  chemical   informaLon  extracted  from  the  literature  can  be  measured  against   convenLonal  abstracLon  services…  with  a  combined  annual  turnover  of   perhaps  $500-­‐1,000  million  dollars.  We  believe  our  tools  are  capable  of   building  the  next  and  beeer  generaLon  of  services.”   Peter  Murray-­‐Rust  
  6. 6.                      /  @ubiquitypress   “Licences  for  Europe”   •  Focus  is  to  create  new  licenses  to  enable  TDM   •  I.e.  researcher  would  need  one  license  from  each   publisher.  Much  TDM  work  involves  hundreds  of   publishers,  can  take  weeks  just  for  one.   •  Focus  pre-­‐determined  from  start:  to  come  up  with   proposals  on  licenses  only.  Discussion  of  excepLons   allowed  but  not  to  be  part  of  recommendaLons.   •  Unbalanced  setup:  large  corporate  publishers,  technology   sector  poorly  represented.   Working  Group  4:  Text  and  Data  Mining   •  Where  we  are  now:  civil  society  walk-­‐out.  Not  prepared  to   endorse  licenses  as  acceptable.  Workshop  tba  Q4  2013.   •  Tell  your  publisher  or  associaLon  that  this  is  important  to  you.  
  7. 7.                      /  @ubiquitypress   Links   @ubiquitypress   hep://     Leeer  on  Licenses  for  Europe  concerns:   hep://­‐licences-­‐for-­‐europe