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  1. 1. » Nike+ Digital Marketing Strategy » Brian Hamlin
  2. 2. Digital Strategy Goals -Use more social media (Facebook and Twitter) -Host Nike+ events all over the United States -Use free online marketing (social media) to decrease advertising costs
  3. 3. Social Media-Grow number of Facebook friends-Grow number of Twitter followers-Interact more with fans to try and create more personal feel with on our socialmedia pages
  4. 4. Nike+ Events-Host tent events all over the United States in large cities to engage fans-Have brand reps in all large cities-Have giveaways and prizes at events
  5. 5. Use of Free Marketing-in 2010, Nike used $800 million on nontraditional advertising-Nike has cut TV and print advertising by 60% in the last 3 years-As traditional advertising is cut, revenue has increased-Continue that trend, and focus on social media as an easy form of freeadvertising
  6. 6. Target Market-People who already work out consistently-People who are motivated to work out seriously -Want to focus on people who want top quality work out gear
  7. 7. Apple Partnership-Partnered with Apple to have technology to track your workouts with Nike+ shoesand iPods-Can use the Apple market to sell Nike+, since Apple has a very supportiveconsumer base
  8. 8. Interactive Contest-We’ll use the Nike+ Apple technology to have online contests for various thingslike: longest run, longest workout, most workouts in a week, etc.-Weekly winners will win some sort of Nike+ prize like a t-shirt