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2014 15 byod

  1. 1. Alford Elementary Bring Your Own Device 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade BYOD video
  2. 2. • Bring Your Own Device is a popular and expanding phenomenon in American schools. • Our data shows many students have access to technology outside of school What is BYOD?
  3. 3. What is BYOD? Access to network Ability to bring own devices 3rd, 4th & 5th Ability to bring devices and use network For teachers For students K-2 – Kindles K-5 – Laptop carts 5 – Laptops in classrooms
  4. 4. What is BYOD? ● An instructional strategies supplement ● A supplement to already great teaching ● 21st century skill building ● Access to the Gwinnett wireless network at school and integration into teaching and learning.
  5. 5. • Internet usage on the BYOD network is still monitored, as it is on a regular school computer. • We will have some school-owned devices in classrooms. • Devices may not have all the software students are used to, and all websites don’t run correctly on all devices. What is BYOD?
  6. 6. • Teachers K-5 will have access to the network • Students in grades 3, 4 & 5 will have access to network and be able to bring devices Who can use it?
  7. 7. Access ● To be granted access, students must confirm they accept the terms and conditions of the GCPS POD (Personally Owned Device) Release Form ● Users agree to uphold the contents of the POD as well as the Student Code of Conduct on their own student-owned devices while on school property. ● GCPS will filter all content for users connected to the GCPS network at school.
  8. 8. Responsible Use ● Students and parents must be aware that accessing inappropriate materials while at school is subject to local school procedures for disciplinary action, including confiscation of the device. #CheckYourselfBeforeYouWreckYourself
  9. 9. Theft, Loss or Damage ● The owner is responsible for ensuring that the device is safe and secure. ● GCPS is not responsible for any maintenance, damage, theft, usage or usage charges, or loss of this non-school-district equipment. #You’reInCharge
  10. 10. Texting Fees TEXTING FRIENDS IS NOT ALLOWED! ● GCPS is not responsible for any fees associated with using any personal technology devices. ● If a student chooses to use other functions or features on his or her device, standard fees may be billed by the student’s provider. #Txting$$Apply
  11. 11. * Apple: iPad, iPad mini, iPod Touch, iPhone * BN: nook HD * Google: Nexus 7 * Kindle: Fire, Fire HD * Microsoft: Surface * Samsung: Galaxy Tab 2 * Also smartphones, netbooks, and laptops! Common Devices
  12. 12. Frequently Asked Questions
  13. 13. • Not an issue! As a part of the grant, we are able to provide some school owned devices • Students will more often work in pairs What if my child does not have a device?
  14. 14. Do I Need to Register My Device? YES ● When you fill out the POD form, you will provide the serial number of your device(s). This registers your device with Alford but it is still the owner’s responsibility to keep the device safe and secure.
  15. 15. Will my student bring his/her device every day? No ● The teacher will instruct students on the days to bring devices based on the lesson that has been planned.
  16. 16. How does a student log in to the BYOD network? With the same login used for a school computer
  17. 17. Can I use my phone to play games and text my friends during class? NO ● BYOD should be used for educational purposes only.
  18. 18. So what CAN I use my device for? With BYOD, Technology is a tool, not a learning outcome or a source of entertainment.
  19. 19. Will I be able to charge my device at school? Presently, no facilities are dedicated to charging personal devices, with a limited number of outlets available in any given space. Students should make it a point to charge their technology prior to coming to school each day.
  20. 20. I have a data plan from an outside provider on my device that allows Internet access without the GCPS network. Is this allowable? NO ● BYOD is the ONLY allowable network on personal devices. Students should not access the Internet through any cellular data provider while on school premises.
  21. 21. What if I can’t get my device working on BYOD? ● GCPS employees are not permitted to touch student devices and are not trained to troubleshoot the many types of personal devices that students may bring. ● Refer to your owner’s manual, the internet, or a peer with the same device to help you troubleshoot. #You’reOnYourOwn 
  22. 22. When Can I Use My Device? YES!NO! ● Remember devices can only be used for educational purposes. ● You may use your device when your teacher says you can. Your teacher may use signs such as these: