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Brian W. Karstensen, CPA


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Biography on Brian Karstensen, an experienced corporate accounting and financials analyst, leader, and CPA. Brian has much experience in acting in a hands on leadership and advisory capacity with regards to corporate finance, accounting, audit and compliance, cash management, and treasury analysis. From roles as a financial analyst and treasury analyst to corporate controller, Brian is capable of wearing many hats in an organization.

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Brian W. Karstensen, CPA

  2. 2. Who is Brian W. Karstensen?When you think of Brian,think of a proven andcapable accountingprofessional experienced inadministration andmanagement of accountingprocess and systemsincluding accounts payable,accounts receivable,analysis, budgeting, cashmanagement, costing, credit,fixed assets, forecasting,inventory management,payroll, reporting,supervision, systems andtreasury. He is proficient inMS Office products and ERPsystems.
  3. 3. What Do Raving Fans of Brian Say ?“He is a highly motivated self-starter continuously looking forprocess improvements”.“He has strong attention to detailwhile maintaining the broader,analytical perspective”.“He has excellent organizationskills with the ability to balancemultiple tasks”.“He is a trustworthy team mateand leader who deliversconsistent results proactively”.
  4. 4. How Does Brian Help?• Provides financial guidance, direction, and analytical support.• Ability to manage complex processes and translate analysis into action.• Understands and facilitates the integration of processes, personnel and technology.• Actively seeks to drive achievements against financial targets.
  5. 5. Brian’s Critical Strengths:• Strategic financial planning and analysis.• Effective cash management especially during lean fiscal constraints.• Maintaining vendor relations and delivering on promises.• Working knowledge of accounting principles and internal controls.• Tight credit management, reducing past due receivables and minimizing bad debts.
  6. 6. What “Hats” is Brian Capable of Wearing?• Controller.• Assistant Controller.• Senior Financial Analyst.• Treasury Analyst.• Financial Project Manager.• Financial Planning and Analysis.• Financial Consultant.• Credit Manager.• Human Resources
  7. 7. What Industries Has Brian Been Successful In? • Manufacturing. • Automotive. • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). • Steel.
  8. 8. Brian W. Karstensen, CPA. 708-927-4364