Planning your backlink strategy visual bee


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You might own a website for promoting a business or propping up a blog, but either way, you just can’t afford to neglect backlinks –

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Planning your backlink strategy visual bee

  1. 1. Planning your backlink strategy
  2. 2. You might own a website for promoting a business or proppingblog, but either way, you just can’t afford to neglect backlinks –something that’s an ‘indispensible’ requirement if you are tryingheighten your site visibility in the online world. Backlink-buildinstrategies come in a huge assortment in the internet marketing tbut then before you employ any one of them you need to build aproper plan for promoting your site. How to do that? Read on.
  3. 3. Build the proper plan for promoting your siteA solid strategy must be right there in place for promoting your website. Else, it will be next to impossible in getting the traffic that you want for making money online. What should it contain?› A clear and precise content strategy that includes your plans of what you want to create and circulate.› A backlink strategy depicting ways of investing your website with the best kind of link juice› A social media strategy to pull in traffic from the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  4. 4. Amongst these 3 your vision of business success is perhaps most strongly linked to the vision of link building, and you accomplish it when the top-ranking niche sites link back to you. Your content strategy is also inherently linked to this as the more superior in quality your content is, the more helpful and resourceful it becomes for your audience. Naturally enough, natural, organic, diversified links stream into your site page to make your promotional strategy a success on the whole.
  5. 5. Use the right sources for backlinksTo say it in very simple words, the best backlinks are the most high-quality ones. What are they?› The topmost quality backlinks are undoubtedly the contextual ones, those that are integrated into topical content or those that stay put in a relevant page, i.e. have niche relevancy. ‘DoFollow’ rather than ‘NoFollow’ should be your choice in link resourcing.› It is also important that you get backlinks that are sourced from various resources/sites hosted on varied IPs. Yes, its backlink diversity that we are talking about – SEO holds it to be of paramount importance.› A strategic mix-up of link anchors as per keyword requirements is also crucial for maintaining a natural back-linking profile.
  6. 6. You can either make a D-I-Y attempt at building backlinks or employ anexpert SEO service like link Monkey for doing it.To be very honest, authoritative backlink building is not an easy chore and ifyou attempt it on your own, it can be accomplished, yes, but in a verytedious and expensive manner. Getting the experts to do it can howeverensure that tested, appreciated, filtered and diversified backlinks are only afind away to your page and that too, without any hassles on your part.
  7. 7. Keep it naturalWhen your backlinks are natural, it spells gold for your site. What are natural backlinks? Well, these are the ones that stream in naturally to your site, linked by webmasters/blog owners who find your site content interesting and attractive enough. Google considers these as superior grade authoritative backlinks and makes sure that sites containing them are rewarded with top ranks. So yes, the more natural you will keep your backlinks, the more will be your advantages. In other words, unnatural and speedy backlink development is not desirable at all.
  8. 8. But is content the only requirement for getting backlinks naturally? No, networking is also crucial and so are your SEO standards. When all of these are taken care of with professional expertise, your backlink strategy can become, natural, smooth-flowing and highly effective.
  9. 9. How to ease the backlink process?There is practically only one way to ease out the backlink procedure – get professionals to do it. Experts at link Monkey for instance know the best, proven ways of effective and diversified backlink building and when you get such a reputable SEO platform to build them for you, it gets exceedingly effective and natural a procedure for your site. Results are obviously the best that you can expect at the most cost-effective of prices. Great link juice and great business just follow. Log onto for more information.