Product Update 1988 GL1500 Carburetor Vent Hose Routing 8803 GL1500 #1GL1500 #18803Product Update 1988 GL1500 Carburetor V...
GL1500#1REVISED: MARCH 19882. Locate the right and left carburetor vent hoses thatconnect into aT-filling al the back of t...
GL1500 #1REVISED: MARCH 1988NEW 70 mmHOSE..FRONTIS. Rotlte the nlW T·filIingotnd vacuum hoses under AirVcnt Pipe ~I~. Conn...
GLl500#lREVISED: MARCH 1988ALL UNITS ISteps 20 . 24)I).Confirm the installation and routing of all the newparts. Be sure t...
IDENTIFICATIONFor future reference, the new vacuum fuel valve and airvent pipe(s) will identify 1988 GL ISOOs that have be...
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Honda goldwing gl1500 1988 carburetor vent hose routing 96 ac0


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Honda goldwing gl1500 1988 carburetor vent hose routing 96 ac0

  1. 1. Product Update 1988 GL1500 Carburetor Vent Hose Routing 8803 GL1500 #1GL1500 #18803Product Update 1988 GL1500 Carburetor Vent Hose RoutingGL1500 Carburetor Vent HoseMotorcycle1500GL1500 #1REVISED: MARCH 1988ASERVICE BULLETINAMERICAN HONDA. MOTOR CO.,IHC. MOTORCYCLE SERVICE DEPARTMENTPRODUCT UPDATE1988 GL1500 CARBURETOR VENT HOSE ROUTING(This Product Update supersedes GL 1500 # " dated February, 1988.Follow the vpdate procedures in this bulletin and discard the original GL 1500 1/ 1.)American Honda is conducting a Product UpdateProgram on 1988 GLl500s to install a carburetor venthose kit. The addition of this kit is necessary to ensurethat the vent hoses are properly routed and nOI pinchedor kinked.If the vent hoses are pinched or kinked, fuel couldoverflow into the cylinders while the engine is off. Ifthishappens, the starter motor may npt be able to Urn overthe engine.The update kit contains a metal aIr vent pipe and avacuum fuel valve. The vent pipe will ensure corr~ctrouting of the hoses to prevent pinching or kinking.Additionally,lhe new vacuum fuel valve will stop fuelfrom flowing to the carburetors when the engine isturned off.The update kit must be installed on any applicable 1988G1I500 (see below) by following the proceduresdescribed in this bulletin.APPLICABLE GL1500s• 49·State Models:- Up to VIN 1HFSC2200JA()()4107• California Models:- Up to VIN IHFSC2218JA000959NOTE: Some of these units may have already beenupdated. All new GLI500s after the above VINs havebeen updated by the factory.Updated units can be identified by opening the fuelfiller compartment. Ifthe new air vent pipe and vacuumfuel valve are installed, the Product Update has alreadybeen completed.DEALER INVENTORY OF G11500sAny new 1988 GLl500 in your inventory within theapplicable VIN shown must be updated before releaseto the customer.CUSTOMER-OWNED GL1500sApplicable customer-owned GLlSOOs must also beupdated with the new pans.American Honda will send a letter 10 all 1988 GLl500owners informing them thai they are entitled to receivethis update without charge. They will be instrUCted tocall and make an appointment for the update work.For your reference, the text of the customer letter isreproduced on page 5 of this bulletin.This Product Update Program will end on August 31,1988.UPDATE REPAIR PROCEDUREIMPORTANT NOTES:• The procedures that follow apply 10 both 49-Stateand California models - individual differences arenoted.• Be sure ALL hoses are routed as shown or describedto prevent pinching or kinking. Clips should beattached on all hoses.• Carefully remove and install the plastic body partsand covers. Be sure A LL fasteners and labs areremoved firsl.• Use the 1988 GLl500 Service Manual for partsreference and location.• If you need additional information, contact yourCSR (1-213·512-6657) or American Hondas TechL;ne (1-800421-1900).I. Carejully remove the following pans; refer to section13 of the GUSOO Service Manual for details.NOTE: Before removing these pans. be sure ALLfasteners and tabs are released.• Seat (13-8)• Left and right side covers (13-8)• Both fairing pockets (13-8, 9)• Ignition switch cover (13·9)• Top inner covers (13·9)• Top compartment (13-9)• Fairing front cover (13-10)• Fairing inner covers (13·11), of 5MTB 4156·4191 (8803)... ",. ........ ,t-eROUTING:COPY 1COPY 2o GEp,jERAL MANAGERo SERVICE MANAGERo SALES O""CE FILEn _..__ ......
  2. 2. GL1500#1REVISED: MARCH 19882. Locate the right and left carburetor vent hoses thatconnect into aT-filling al the back of the air cleanerbox. Measure and cut these hoses as follows:- Remove both hoses from the T·fitting. Discardthe fining.To 4-w.y fittingIC.lifonlili onlylCAUFORNIAMODEL SHOWNAIR VENT-CONTROLVALVE IAVCVIPull off thrs hoM from AVCV.•FRONT7. Lift up the fuel filler tray and install the gas cap.Using needle nose pliers from underneath the tray.gently squeeze the plastic tabs on the idle speed knobholder. Remove the holder from the tray.8. Push the holder into the bracket on the new vacuumfuel valve provided in the kit. Mount the valve on thefuel filler tray using the scre:w/washersupplied. (Thescrew threads into the bracket from underneath thetray - use the hole where: the idle speed knob holderwas originally installed.)9. Remove the gas cap and position the tray over thefuel filler opening. Reinstall the gas cap and the fueloverflow hose. Place the idle speed knob in its holder.IO.lnsert the new 9()0 elbow provided in the kit into thecarburetor fuel hose. Push the other end of the hoseon the rear fltlingofthe vacuum fuel valve. Positionand secure the hose clips.FUEL OVERFLOWHOSEToPCV6. CALIFORNIA MODELS ONLY: Pull off thesmall vacuum hose from the Air Vent Control Valve(AVCV). Remove the AVCV from its mounting labon the fuel filler tray.1/FUel HOSE(To fuel filt. IRIGHT VENT HOSEIM••suN and cut It120 mm.1~T·FITTING{Remove IlId diSQrdl_..-_=-F-:;"ON~T:<d~~~~~-left and Right Hose: Measure back 120 mm fromthe carburetor and cut both hoses at this point.Discard the cui hose pieces.IMPORTANT: Resurt: the length oreach hose isl20mm.3. Remove the fuel hose from the carburetorside of thefuel filter. Measure and cut 30 mm off this hose.mti;lkI@iJ Gasoline is extremely flammable andis explosive under certain conditions. 00 not smokeor allow names or sparks in your work area.LEFT VENT HOSEIMhsure and cut 8120 mm.lFUel FILTEREXISTING FUelHOSE ITo C.rbs)•FRONTNEW VACUUM ~~~j~~~~l:FUEL VALVE NEW 900 HOSENEW goo ELBOWAND HOSE4. Remove the fuel filter and idle speed knob from theirmounting tabs (holders) on the fuel filler tray.5. Remove the gas cap and co~r the fuel filler openingwith a clean shop towel to prevent loose parts fromfalling into the fuel tank. Disconnect the fueloverflow hose from tM: filler tray.2 of 51!.lnstall the new 9()0 fuel hose onto the fuel filter andattach the filter back onto its mounting tab. Connectthe other end of the hose to the front fitting on thevacuum fuel valve. Position and secure the hoseclips_NOTE: The large end of the hose should be installedon the fuel valve.$1988 Alne<0UtI~Motor Co.• Inc - All Aog/IIs Rne<ved
  3. 3. GL1500 #1REVISED: MARCH 1988NEW 70 mmHOSE..FRONTIS. Rotlte the nlW T·filIingotnd vacuum hoses under AirVcnt Pipe ~I~. ConneCllhe ex.isting AVCV hose 10Air Vent Pipe "A ". Mount the AVCV on its tab onthe fud tiller tray.19.Ched.the harorutivc EmissiOll Control Hose alll./fuel e<lp vent hose routing. 10 the e.mister. makint!sure the hoses arc not pinched or kinked. Inix Ihlsupplied Vacuum Hose Routing Diagram m·er thtoriginal one on the fueltanl<.EVAPORATIVE EMISSION HOSE,CuI 165 mm from the end - ;nstallon vent pipe "B"NEWT·FITTINGNEW 130mm /HOSE =-::::;:;-~";R~L~7Z::=:==::~EXISTING HOSE ~ _ i ~:~=~~~,o"ndi Ilr:.:j;-·· ) " I. L-,- I Open 10 I ,., I ~_atmosphere (II/. ,I :W t AVCv~7);/ ", 1 ~.I, . ) ,, . i,. iTO VENT i PIPE "B"IS. Install the new Air Venl Pipe "B"(with new hoses) inplace of the original T-fitting and hoses. The ventpipe holder attaches on the lip of the fuel filler tray.16. Measure. cut and discard 70 mm from the vacuumhose removed in step 6. Install the newT-fining intothis hose and connect the new 70 mm vacuum hoseto the AVCV.I7.AHach the new 130 mm vacuum hose from theT-filling III the vacuum fuel valve. Position the fuelvalve hose clip downward.CALIFORNIA MODELS ONLY (Steps 14 -191:14. Remove the Evaporative Emission Control Hosefrom the existing T-fitting - discard the fitting.Measure. cut and discard 165 mm from the end ofthis hose.,NEW 610 mm HOSENOTE: for future c..b. aynch .. ......ewe thishose and connect vacuum 10 T.filting.NEWT·FITTING D~ _ --":--. -:::--s-= .r~( ~90mmHOSE- Measure, cut and discard 100 mOl from the end ofthis hose. Install the new T-fitting into this hoseand attach the red vacuum hose back onto themanifold fitting. Position and secure the hoseclips.CARBURETOR SYNCHRONIZATIONNOTE: The new vacuum fuel valve needs 10remain connected for the bike to run. For futurecarburetor synchronization. leave the 610 mmhose and the red vacuum hose connected.Disconnect the remaining cruise control vacuumhose and atlach the vacuum gauge at this fitting.(Thi~ docs not apply to l"<.Ilifornia models)- Attach the new 610 mm vacuum hose 10 lhecenter of the new T-fitting. Route this hose upinside the frame belween the air cleaner box andthe front of the fuel tank. Connect the end to thefitting on the vacuum fuel valve. Be sure the hoseis not pinched or kinked. Position and secure thehose clips.-GO TO STEP 20.12S1idc the new spring over the right vent hose. Pushbmh the vent hoses onto the new Air Vent Pipe ~ A"(push on 20 mm to the stopper). Remove the tworear aircleanercoversCre~ and mount the new ventpipe onto the air cleaner box.AIR CLEANER SCREWSr~~~ NEW AIR VENT .~ ~<,l!t -~, _9 PIPE "A" ~LEFT SIDE RIGHT SIDE(With springl-Check that both vent hoses are not pinched orkinked, especially where they bend around the airbox.1149-STATE MODELS ONLY: Remove the vacuumhose from the filting on the right intake manifold,between #3 and #5 spark plug.C1988 An>e"can Honda M010r CO. Inc: _ All R,ght,. Reserved 3015
  4. 4. GLl500#lREVISED: MARCH 1988ALL UNITS ISteps 20 . 24)I).Confirm the installation and routing of all the newparts. Be sure the hoses are not pinched or kinked.Double-check that all hose clips art positioned andsecured.CALIFORNIA MODEL49·STATE MODELImportant Note:Be sure to perform the procedure for dearing theeylinders lhat follows:21.A certain amount of fuel may ~squirt~ from thecylindersduring this procedure. Move the motorcycleoutside. away from anything you don) want fuel on.• (;asoJine is extremely flammable and is explositunder certain conditions. 00 nol smoke or allownames or sparks in your work area.• The proper useo(adequatesafet, equipment such a~glo·es. eye protection, safety shoes. and protectiveclothing can reduce the possibilil) of serious injur)to )ourself and olhers.4 of 5A Remove all six spark plugs.B. Lay several shop towels over the spark plug holeson each bank of cylinders. This will absorb anyfuel that might be expelled from the cylinden..C Move the engine stop switch to the MOF"-position.Important Note:00 not attempt to crank the engine over unltSS theengine stop slitch is in the MOFFMposition.D. Turn the ignition switch MONMand. with thethrottle closed. crank the engine. This will clearany residual fuel from the cylinders. Allow theengine to spin for several seconds.E Install the spark plugs and plug wires.22. Move the engine stop switch to the "ON- position.Start the engine and check that there are no fuel orvacuum leaks.23. Position the top compartment on a padded surfaceon your workbench SO the radio is facedown. Usingneedle nose pliers. remove the radio cover latchspring. Remove (and discard) the latch from itsmounting boss with needle nose pliers: twist and pullit out from the pivot points.14. Install the new latch (provided in the kit) by aligningthe pivot pins into the mounting boss holes: the latchshould lock into position. Then. reinstall the latchspring and check that the latch pivots freely. Affixthe new rubber pad to the comer ofthe radiolcassetteas shown.Am. new / /rubber pad here. / / _~h---RADIO COVER LATCHIRemove and fePlaee.)NOTE: The new latch is shaped difTerenltoclearthevacuum fuel valve with the lOpcompartment installed.The rubber pad protects the fuel hose from ruhbingon the radio housing.25. Cureluf~r install the removed body pans in thereverse order of disassembly.IOTE: Be sure the body parts do not pinch or kinkany of the hoses.Cll988<ocan M~ MaiO Co. Inc _ A.II RlIh1S R_,..-d
  5. 5. IDENTIFICATIONFor future reference, the new vacuum fuel valve and airvent pipe(s) will identify 1988 GL ISOOs that have beenupdated.PARTS INFORMATIONIMPORTANT: You will automatically be shipped Ikit initially. Subsequently, you will be shipped theappropriate number of kits based on the number ofunits invoiced to your dealership.There are two update kits - 49-$tate and California.The parts are not initially available for open ordering;for future ordering reference, the update kits are listedbelow.• 49-State KitPIN: 061 66-MN5-000H/C: 2941862Includes the following:- Vacuum fuel valve (I)- Air vent pipe"A"(I)- 9(f elbow, with fuel hose (I)- 90" fuel hose (I)- T·fitting, with red 90 mm vacuum hose (I)- Vacuum hose. 610 mm (I)- Screw/washer (I)- Radio cover latch (I)- Radio rubber pad (I)- Assorted clips- Right vent hose spring ( I)• California KitPIN: 06166-MN5-740H/C: 2941870Includes the following;- Vacuum ruel valve (I)- Air vent pipe"A~(I)- Air vent pipe "B~, with 55 mm and 85 mmhoses (I)- 900elbow, with fuel hose (I)- 900fuel hose (I)- T-liuing, with 70 mm and 130 mm vacuumhoses (I)- Screw/washer (I)- Radio cover latch (I)- Radio rubber pad (I)- Assorted clips- Right vent hose spring (I)- Vacuum hose routing diagram (I)WARRANTY INFORMATiONThis Product Update Program will end on August 31,1988. Claims submitted after this date will not beprocessed.C11988 American Honda Mellor Co.. loc. - All RoghlS ReservedGL1500#1REVISED: MARCH 1988Submit a claim form with the following information:• For 49-STATE and CALIFORNIA models:Contention Code: J IIDefect Code: 363Failed Honda Code: 2829513Labor Operation Number: 314804Flat Rate Time: 1.5 hoursTEXT OF CUSTOMER LEITERMarch 1988De., 1988 GLiSOO GOLD WING Owner:RE: PRODUCT UPDATE - Carburetor Vent HoseRoutingAs an owner ofthe most prestigious touring motorcycleavailable today, American Honda realizes you are oneofour most vaJued customers. To ensure your continuedsatisfaction, we are conducting a Product UpdateProgram on 1988 GL1500 motorcycles to install acarburetor vent hose kit. The addition of this kit isnecessary to ensure that the vent hoses are properlyrouted and not pinched or kinked.Pinched or kinked vent hoses may cause fuel tooverflow into the cylinders while the engine is off.lfthi!lhappens, you may not be able to start the engine. Theupdate kit contains parts that will correctly route thehoses to prevent pinching or kinking. Additionally, anew vacuum fuel valve is included to prevent fuel fromflowing to the carburetors with the engine off.Your authorized Honda motorcycle dealer will updateyour 1988 GLI500 by installing the newvem hose kit alno charge to you for parts or labor. We suggest you callthe dealer thai you purchased your Gold Wing fromand make an appointment to have the update workperformed. He will have the updale kit for yourmotorcycle. You should plan on leaving your motor-cycle al the dealership for at least half a day.This Product Updale Program will end on August 31,1988. However. with good riding weather just aroundthe corner, we recommend (hat you have the updateperformed on your Gold Wing as soon as possible.If you have additional queslions after discussing thisupdate with your Honda motorcycle dealer. pleasecontact the Motorcycle Customer Service Departmentin Gardena. California al 1-213-532-9811.Good riding - and thank you again ror buying a newHonda Gold Wing.Sincerely,AMERICAN HONDA MOTOR CO.• INC.5 of 5