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  1. 1. Qualifax: A User’s Guide 3 0
  2. 2. In Unit 7 You Will Learn • About Qualifax.ie • How to use it well This class is best done in a computer room
  3. 3. What is it? Data Base for all third level courses All PLC All Part time courses Search Engine Reference site P.30
  4. 4. What can it do for me? Help me find the best course to study. P.30
  5. 5. How? 1. Providing information to help me make a good course choice. 2. Having a Tagged Course facility. 3. Having a Career Event calendar. 4. Helping you predict your CAO points. P.30
  6. 6. www.qualifax.ie
  7. 7. First things first
  8. 8. Make sure to remember your password Register
  9. 9. Then go to search all courses
  10. 10. Course Provider (name of institution) Keywords/Course Title Course (general) Qualification e.g. NFQ Level 8 Where? Institution Type e.g. Uni or Youthreach Points? Search Criteria:
  11. 11. Search Criteria Attendance Options Restricted Entry Course Code Career Area e.g Business Outdoor Creative People Office Practical Scientific
  12. 12. Fill in from Top Down More filled in means less courses but more specific Less filled in means more courses less specific
  13. 13. A Quick Run Through
  14. 14. Defining Search Criteria By Key Word
  15. 15. “Science” typed in Click search
  16. 16. List of all 1084 Science Courses in Ireland!!!!! Click on course title
  17. 17. All basic course information you need:
  18. 18. Narrow your search criteria by “Course Type” Too many courses to look at?
  19. 19. You may be more interested in PLC Science Select PLC Post Leaving Cert
  20. 20. All PLC Science courses in Ireland Compare Options Tag Options
  21. 21. The Comparing Courses Feature Select up to 3 courses Then click compare
  22. 22. The Tagging Courses Feature Click tag if you are interested in a course
  23. 23. Looking at Tagged Courses Click “Find Tagged Courses” see them all together
  24. 24. Your Tagged Courses
  25. 25. The Points Calculator Feature In Useful Tools Choose the old or new CAO points system
  26. 26. The Points Calculator Feature Predict your grades and let the site calculate your possible CAO points
  27. 27. Interest Assessment Feature Will help you find your career area e.g Business Outdoor Creative People Office Practical Scientific Found in Useful Tools
  28. 28. Your Results Save it
  29. 29. You now have CAO points and Career Interest for your course search!!
  30. 30. The Career Events Feature Great to find when the the open days you want to go to
  31. 31. Visit www.qualifax.ie Spend time online look at different search options. Build your profile and tagged courses. Speak to your guidance counsellor. How Can You Find Out More? P.30
  32. 32. Click image for a Qualifax Quiz on Kahoot.
  33. 33. In Unit 7 You Learned • About Qualifax.ie • How to use it well This class is best done in a computer room