Uniqueness & difference


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Uniqueness & difference

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Uniqueness & difference

  1. 1. Uniqueness & Difference
  2. 2. • About career categories. • To identify your preferences. • To investigate career fit through the categories. In Unit 5 You Will Learn
  3. 3. Careers and people could be categorised into six types as follows:
  4. 4. Which types are you? You may be more than one. M1 Practical people & Manual work. A4 Creative people & Artistic work. U2 Investigative people & Scientific work. I5 Persuasive people & Influencing work. S3 Caring people & Social work C6 Organising people & Clerical work.
  5. 5. For each question give: 12 to your number one choice. 10 to your number two & so on. Your last choice should be given 2. P.19
  6. 6. Now, add up all your scores for each of the letter codes M U S A I C P.20
  7. 7. Rank your highest score 1, your second highest 2 and so on. Insert them into the table under the correct headings. P.20
  8. 8. The Following Six Slides Outline Some Typical Careers In The: M =Practical people & Manual work. U =Investigative people & Scientific work. S =Caring people & Social work A =Creative people & Artistic work. I = Persuasive people & Influencing work. C = Organising people & Clerical work.
  9. 9. Some Examples of Practical Manual Careers Sports Coach Trades/Apprenticeships Archaeologist Army Guards Physiotherapist Blacksmith Bricklayer Bus Driver Electrician Engineer/All Types Butcher Carpenter/Cabinet Maker Farmer Chef Coastguard Undertaker/Embalmer Crane Operator Dancer / Dance Teacher Dentist /Hygienist Product Design M
  10. 10. Examples of Understanding Investigative Careers Accountant Acupuncturist Trades/Apprenticeships Detective Research Scientist Solicitor/Barrister Computer Programmer Computer Systems Analysis Engineer/All Types Data Analyst Journalist Dietician Farmer Doctor Food Scientist Forensic Pathologist Games Programmer Geneticist Health & Safety Officer Insurance U
  11. 11. Examples of Caring & Social Work Careers Airline Cabin Crew Auctioneer Bartender Beautician Hair Call Centre Manager Care Assistant Childcare worker Classroom Assistant Teacher / Trainer Youth Worker Psychotherapist Guidance Counsellor Manager Doctor Events & Promotions Manager Financial Advisor Retail Assistant Garda Health & Safety Officer Insurance S
  12. 12. Examples of Creative & Artistic Careers Advertising Animator Architect Artist Beautician Ceramics Designer Dancer /Dance Teacher Web Designer D.J. Engineering Child Care Fashion Games Design Graphic Design Product Design Hairdresser Tattooist Journalist/Blogger You tuber Gardener Musician Chef A
  13. 13. Examples of Persuasive & Influencing Careers Recruitment Consultant Sales Retail Public Relations Politician Auctioneer Fundraiser Garda Manager Entrepreneur Waiter Doctor Estate Agent Graphic Designer Marketing / Advertising Web Designer Guidance Counsellor Hotel Manager Human Resources Dietitian I
  14. 14. Examples of Organising & Clerical Careers Accountant Administrator Archivist Arts Administrator Insurance Personal Assistant Civil Service Garda Financial Manager Engineer Data Analyst Chemist/Pharmacist Lab Technician Quantity Surveyor Guidance Counsellor Human Resources Computer Programmer Computer Systems Analyst Credit Controlers Fire officer C
  15. 15. Using your results, suggest three careers / jobs that suit you. P.20
  16. 16. Think out what is involved in a career. It will involve elements of work you like and elements you don’t like.
  17. 17. Every job involves an element of all of these.
  18. 18. Next Video 2:30 min Your individuality and the choices you make
  19. 19. What Types Of Tasks? Look at some careers under the headings of the six types and see can you find the associated activities.
  20. 20. If you are interested in several careers try this exercise with each one.
  21. 21. Profession / Type of Task Doctor Farmer Electrician Your choice Manual Practical Stitching a wound. Understanding Investigative Knowing the cause and treatment of measles. Social Dealing with a patient and their relatives. Influencing Persuasive Getting someone to stop smoking to avoid having their foot amputated. Artistic Creative Finding ways to cope with a hypochondriac. Clerical Organisational Keeping records of visits and medicines proscribed.
  22. 22. Profession / Type of Task Doctor Farmer Electrician Your choice Manual Practical Wiring up a socket. Understanding Investigative Identify defects /repairs needed. Social Explaining why you have to rewire their house to an elderly person. Influencing Persuasive Tender for a contract. Artistic Creative Solve wiring problems. Clerical Organisational Be aware and up to date with current safety procedures.
  23. 23. Fill in the table with the M U S A I C tasks from jobs that might suit you from your results P.21
  24. 24. Remember! However much you are attracted to a career because it suits your type, you will also have to do tasks that don’t appeal to you that much. P.21
  25. 25. Click image for Uniqueness & Difference Quiz on Kahoot.
  26. 26. QUIZ TIME P.22
  27. 27. Answers: 1b, 2a, 3d, 4c, 5c
  28. 28. • About career categories. • To identify your preferences. • To investigate career fit through the categories. In Unit 5 You Learned