Cyber Bullying


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Cyber Bullying

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Cyber Bullying

  1. 1. In This Presentation You Will Learn 1. What Cyber Bullying Is. 2. Examples Of Cyber Bullying. 3. How To Avoid It. 4. How To Deal With It.
  2. 2. Next Slide Is A Video 2 min Some Great Advise Here, What Advise Do You Think Is the Best?
  3. 3. Cyber Bullying Cyber Bullying Is…. Sending MEAN Messages, Making CRUEL Comments, Posting UNFLATTERING Or MALICIOUS Photos, Making THREATS. And Write Down What Cyber Bullying Is.
  4. 4. Cyber Bullying 1. Email 2. Text 3. Facebook 4. Snapchat 5. Instagram 6. Twitter 7. Websites 8. Other Forms Of Electric Communication…
  5. 5. Cyber Behaviour (Page on page 7 go and complete) Yes No Not Sure 1. Darren posts a message on Facebook saying Paul is gay. 2. Sophie keeps texting Tara in class telling her to stop licking up to the teacher. 3. Mark secretly videos his coach’s speech before a hurling match and uploads it to You Tube. 4. Sean and Dave send out a tweet for people to vote for the most popular student in school. 5. A picture of John with his arm round a another boy is posted on Instagram by Greg. 6. Jane breaks up with Adam by text 7. Leanne Photoshop’s a picture of Grainne making her fat and sends it on Snapchat. 8. Pat and his friends send Jim a text saying they will
  6. 6. It Can Be Anonymous. It Is As Serious As Face To Face Bullying. You Need To Learn How To Protect Yourself Online. Help Friends If They Are Having A Hard Time With It. Cyber Bullying Can Happen To Anyone!
  7. 7. Next Slide Is A Video 1 min An Idea For How You Could Deal With A Cyber Bully
  8. 8. How To Avoid Cyber Bullying Checklist After Looking At The Next Three Slides, Write Down Ten Ways To Avoid Being Cyber Bullied.
  9. 9. How To Avoid Cyber Bullying 1. Never Give Out Your Passwords. 2. Change Your Passwords And PIN Regularly. 3. Always Logout Of Your Email/Facebook Page If Your Using A Public Computer.
  10. 10. How To Avoid Cyber Bullying 4. Pick Your Online Friends Carefully. 5. Understand What You Post On-Line Can Be Seen By Everyone. 6. Only Connect, Friend Or Follow People You Are Happy Sharing Information With.
  11. 11. How To Avoid Cyber Bullying 7. Be Polite To Other People. 8. Think It Might Be Hurtful Or Embarrassing Even It’s Funny.
  12. 12. How To Avoid Cyber Bullying 9. Don’t Send Messages To Someone Else When You Are Angry. 10. Wait Until You’ve Calmed Down And Had Time To Think. Once You’ve Sent It, You Can’t Take It Back.
  13. 13. What Would You Do? After Discussing The Next Three Slides And Write Down Ten Things You Could Do If You Were Cyber Bullied.
  14. 14. How To Deal With Cyber Bullying 1. Don’t Reply. Bullies Want To Know That They’ve Got You Worried And Upset. 2. Tell Someone. Talk To A Parent, Teacher, Friend Or Someone You Can Trust.
  15. 15. How To Deal With Cyber Bulling 3. Keep A Log. While Messages May Be Cruel, You Will Need To Have Some Proof. 4. Forward Emails Onto The Adult You Have Talked To.
  16. 16. How To Deal With Cyber Bullying 5. For Abusive Texts Get A New Phone Sim And Make Your New Number Private. This Doesn’t Mean Your Giving In, Your Just Getting On With Your Own Life.
  17. 17. How To Deal With Cyber Bullying 6. For social network, change your ‘privacy settings’ so you can only accessed by people you know 7. Don’t add people you don’t know to your list of online friends. Be wary of strangers online.
  18. 18. How To Deal With Cyber Bullying 8. If The Messages Are Getting Really Serious, Tell The Police. It’s Against The Law To Threaten People, And The Police Can Put A Stop To It. They’re There To Keep You Safe, And They Generally Want To Know About Stuff Like This.
  19. 19. How To Deal With Cyber Bullying 9. Log off. You can choose to walk away by logging off or switching off. By doing this, you will feel in control of the situation.
  20. 20. How To Deal With Cyber Bullying 10. Inform Your Phone Company Or Internet Service Provider (ISP) They Can Block Texts Calls On-Line Messages
  21. 21. In This Presentation You Learned 1. What Cyber Bullying Is. 2. Examples Of Cyber Bullying. 3. How To Avoid It. 4. How To Deal With It.