Transfer from to Secondary


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Transfer from to Secondary

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  • Education changes lives – it lays the foundation and sets the direction for each student’s future. The quality of teaching and learning in schools directly affects how students view themselves as learners, their attitude towards school, their capacity to engage in further education or training and their potential to contribute to their community.
  • Transfer from to Secondary

    1. 1. A New Beginning Transferring to Secondary School
    2. 2. New School Longer Day
    3. 3. New Friends New School
    4. 4. New Teachers New School
    5. 5. New Subjects New School
    6. 6. Being The Smallest New School
    7. 7. Worried It Will Go Wrong
    8. 8. Brainstorm Can you think of any other things that make you nervous about your new school?
    9. 9. Write A Letter To A Friend About Your New School Are Your Coping Well? About New Friends Class Work? Are You Happy? Was It A Good Choice?
    10. 10. Your Transition Experience Can Influence:- Academic Progress
    11. 11. Your Transition Experience Can Influence:- Personal Development
    12. 12. Your Transition Experience Can Influence:- Social Confidence
    13. 13. Good Transition Achieving Potential Happier Student
    14. 14. Difficult Transition Can Lead Later To Educational Difficulties Falling Levels Of Achievement
    15. 15. Write Two Advantages Of A Good Transition And Two Disadvantages Of A Bad Transition
    16. 16. Common Settling In Problems
    17. 17. Getting lost!! Draw A Map Of Your New School And Mark The Classrooms You Are In.
    18. 18. New Language Of Secondary School Write Down Some New Words You Don’t Understand And Ask Your Teacher To Explain Them.
    19. 19. Lockers What Should You Keep In Your Locker. What Times Are You Allowed To Go To Your Lockers.
    20. 20. Mixed School Just Be Yourself Don’t Show Off No Need To Be Shy Boys And Girls Have The Same Fears
    21. 21. If Struggling Tell Your Teacher Or Tutor More Homework Try To Be Organised It May Take A While To Adjust To New Levels
    22. 22. Misinformation Don’t Believe All You Hear Especially From Older Students They Could Be Leading You On
    23. 23. Fear A Natural Reaction To A New Situation Usually Your Fears Are Unnecessary Most Students And Teachers Are Kind.
    24. 24. Write Down Your Fears How Likely Are They Of Coming True?
    25. 25. Making Friends Don’t Panic Be Yourself One Of The Best Parts Of School
    26. 26. Teachers Names Sir Or Miss Will Do!
    27. 27. Subject Options Choose What You Find Interesting & Enjoyable Don’t Choose What Your Friends Do This Is Your Decision
    28. 28. Your Supports If Life Gets Difficult Use Supports In School And Outside School
    29. 29. Internal School Supports Home school Liaison, Tutors, Teachers Friends, Mentor or Guidance Counsellor
    30. 30. External Supports Parents, Social Clubs, Family, Friends & Sports Clubs
    31. 31. Write Down What Supports You Would Use.
    32. 32. We Want You To Be A Happy We Want You To Buy Into Learning Schools Are Selling Education You Are The Schools Customers
    33. 33. Schools try to Ensure that every day in every classroom every student is learning and achieving to the best of their ability
    34. 34. School should be:- So busy So demanding So active So adventurous So spectacular
    35. 35. That You Should Barely Have Time For Being Moody!
    36. 36. Get Involved & Enjoy!