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PLC Option

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PLC Option

  1. 1. Post Leaving Cert Option 8 5
  2. 2. In Unit 20 You Will Learn • Who PLC is for. • About the Higher Education Links scheme. • About Nursing applications. • The application procedure. • The costs.
  3. 3. Next Video 4 min This video showcases Waterford College Further Education
  4. 4. Who is PLC for? • Students not ready / unsure about university. • Students who want access to university via the “Higher Education Links Scheme”. • Discovering a vocational area. • Leaving Cert Applied students. Post Leaving Cert Courses P.85
  5. 5. PLC courses: Offer a great variety of courses in your locality, designed for the industry you want to get into. They are an alternative route into university or college. P.85
  6. 6. They often act like a “stepping stone” into college or university. P.85
  7. 7. PLC graduates often go on to gain higher education & training awards too. P.85
  8. 8. Minimum Entry Requirements To Universities Each university course has its own minimum entry requirements. You will need to know them! P.85
  9. 9. Higher Education Links Scheme Places can be reserved for Level 5 certificate (NFQ Level 5) holders. Offered in order of merit, based on ranking. Currently, approximately 15% of CAO applicants are Level 5 certificate (NFQ level 5) holders. P.85
  10. 10. Higher Education Links Scheme Sometimes Level 5 certificate results can be accumulated over more than one year.
  11. 11. Always check with the institute of technology admissions office. P.85 Minimum Entry Requirements To Institutes Of Technology
  12. 12. Additional Requirements Some institutions may require Leaving Cert Maths in addition to an applicant's Level 5 certificate (NFQ Level 5). Check with the admissions office of individual institutions.
  13. 13. Institutes Of Technology Applicant who meets the points requirements under the pilot scheme should be offered a place.
  14. 14. Institutes of Technology do not differentiate between Leaving Certificate and Level 5 Certificate (NFQ Level 5) holders. P.85
  15. 15. Progression From Advanced Certificate (NFQ Level 6) Learners can progress into Year 2 of a course in an Institute of Technology – check their website. P.85
  16. 16. Progression From Level 6 To apply to enter Year 2 of a course, students must complete a Direct Entry Application form available from the admissions office of the I.T. or University.
  17. 17. NURSING APPLICATIONS Only 78 places nationwide are reserved for nursing degrees. Applicants are chosen by random selection for places. In all cases applicants must have achieved at least 5 distinctions… P.86
  18. 18. NURSING APPLICATIONS …because of the scarcity of nursing places. Repeating the Leaving Cert is an option. Talk to a qualified Guidance Counsellor. P.86
  19. 19. Students With Additional Needs Student support from secondary school is not immediately transferred. College needs to reapply for student.
  20. 20. Students With Additional Needs Students are entitled to the same supports they received in secondary school. Students need to present their educational psychologist’s report. P.86
  21. 21. Students With Additional Needs The PLC College will grant accommodations for examinations.
  22. 22. If is student is genuinely interested in a PLC Course or wishes to have A PLC P.86 course as a back up plan then they need to apply as Applications early as possible to get a place.
  23. 23. Avoid Disappointment - Apply Early In 2015, on average, PLC colleges turned down 20% of the people who applied.
  24. 24. Cost Great value at 10% of the cost of college or university!! P.86
  25. 25. You can also receive a maintenance grant from SUSI when doing a PLC course. P.86 SUSI Grants
  26. 26. To Sum Up…
  27. 27. Post Leaving Cert Colleges offer… Great courses
  28. 28. …Great options
  29. 29. …Less chance of dropping out of college
  30. 30. …Breathing space if you are young leaving school
  31. 31. …Local education
  32. 32. You would be mad not to consider post leaving cert courses!
  33. 33. Click image for PLC Option Quiz on Kahoot.
  34. 34. QUIZ TIME P.87
  35. 35. Answers: 1c,2a,3b,4a,5b,6d
  36. 36. In Unit 20 You Learned • Who PLC is for. • About the Higher Education Links scheme. • About Nursing applications. • The application procedure. • The costs.