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National Framework of Qualifications explained

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  1. 1. N.F.Q.
  2. 2. National Framework of Qualifications
  3. 3. In Unit 14 You Will Learn What NFQ stands for. What the NFQ is. Why the NFQ was developed. How the NFQ can help you.
  4. 4. Next Video 30 sec A quick promotional video about the National Framework of Qualifications.
  5. 5. Pay Attention! There will be a quiz at the end!!!
  6. 6. What is the NFQ?
  7. 7. A system of 10 levels that describes the Irish qualifications system.
  8. 8. It recognises people’s learning - including yours!
  9. 9. Learning is gained in lots of places: schools, the workplace, the community, training centres, colleges & universities.
  10. 10. The NFQ FAN – Levels & Award-TypesAward Types Levels
  11. 11. Outside Wheel = Level & Title of Qualification Junior Cert Is At Level 3
  12. 12. Quality & Qualifications Ireland Or QQI Overseas - All Awards
  13. 13. State Examinations Commission Oversees Junior Cert & Leaving Cert
  14. 14. Institutes Of Technology Offer Courses From Levels 6 To 10
  15. 15. Universities Offer Courses From Levels 7 To 10
  16. 16. Why was the NFQ developed?
  17. 17. To make it easier for YOU to understand the qualifications system in Ireland.
  18. 18. To help YOU learn throughout your life – not just at school!!
  19. 19. To make sure that YOU can travel abroad and use your Irish qualifications.
  20. 20. How can I use the NFQ to help me?
  21. 21. To plan YOUR education & training & career choices.
  22. 22. To make good decisions about YOUR future with information on courses available to you.
  23. 23. So when using Qualifax You Understand The Difference Between Levels.
  24. 24. All qualifications in the NFQ are quality assured.
  25. 25. Qualifications on the NFQ are recognised World Wide.
  26. 26. QUIZ TIME P. 68
  27. 27. Answers: 1b,2d,3b,4d,5b
  28. 28. In Unit 14 You Learned What NFQ stands for. What the NFQ is. Why the NFQ was developed. How the NFQ can help you.