Maximise Your Membership of Clonmel Chamber


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This brief presentation demonstrates how you can make the most of membership of Clonmel Chamber of Commerce.

If you have any queries please call us on 052 61 26500

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Maximise Your Membership of Clonmel Chamber

  1. 1. MAXIMISEYOUR MEMBERSHIP April 2nd 2014
  2. 2. ABOUT US “Clonmel Chamber is a membership organisation for businesses in Co. Tipperary who want to connect and engage with decision makers to develop their business. Membership of Clonmel Chamber provides a forum for business growth. We do this by giving you the tools to grow your business and have your voice heard. Unlike other organisations we are the only business group in Co. Tipperary actively driving growth for members as shown by our calendar of events, initiatives and lobbying interactions”.
  3. 3. NETWORKING  32 Events in last 12 months.  31 of those events were free for members.  2247 different contacts from member companies attended these events.  Seminars,Training Events, Member Expo’s, National Enterprise Conference, InternationalTrade Events, Manufacturing Excellence, Evening at the Races & More.
  4. 4. NETWORKING  2 Expo Events – Free for Members.  61 Stands in February 2014.  450+ people attended (stand holders and walk in).  Business secured for companies in many different sectors.  Coverage in local media including ‘The Nationalist’ andTipp FM.
  5. 5. PROMOTINGYOUR BUSINESS  Use the newsletter to promote your business – it is a free service for members.  27,560 newsletter emails sent annually.  Members can submit PR, offers and promotions.  Proven track record of delivering for members.  Sent each Friday at 1pm. Deadline Wednesday at 1pm.
  6. 6. PROMOTINGYOUR BUSINESS  ‘Meet the Member’ -a means of introducing your business to other Chamber members online. Also will be featured in the newsletter weekly.  Referrals – Chamber staff handle referral queries daily and pass Chamber member details to prospective clients.  Utilise the membership tool to promote your business. This is a multi faceted organisation. Use every opportunity to make your business stand out.
  7. 7. PRODUCTS & SERVICES • Member Exclusive Offers: • Chamber Fuel Card • Chamber UPC Offer on 250mb • Chamber Debit & Credit Card Processing with WorldPay • Only Chamber in Ireland to offer these deals to our members.
  8. 8. THEVOICE OF BUSINESS • Lobbying efforts locally with Clonmel Borough and SouthTipperary County Councils. • Daily interaction with decision makers on behalf of members. • Key local agency and consulted on all issues relating to the Co. Tipperary business community.
  9. 9. THEVOICE OF BUSINESS • Member of the Chambers Ireland network. • Lobbying for businesses with national and European decision makers. • Regular interactions with government and senior civil servants. • Successes include; sick pay legislation and 9%VAT.
  10. 10. PLANS FORTHE FUTURE • Size of the network available to your business is increasing. • New opportunities to connect, grow and save with Clonmel Chamber. • 7 Staff at Chamber offices to work with your business. • Member led organisation – tell us what you want.