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Social Media FACTS for Travel, Tourism & Hospitality


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Social Media Facts for the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industries. The history of waves of disruption and opportunity. The most important social marketing channels.

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Social Media FACTS for Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

  1. 1. Get my free ebooks:
  2. 2. Plus, if it’s online listeners can share it to their friends. VIRAL RADIO!
  3. 3. • Riding waves
  4. 4. Attention Interest Desire Action
  5. 5. 7.6% were in travel, tourism or hospitality
  6. 6. Organic, 9% Paid, 91% Facebook Pages That Advertise
  7. 7. ~Mark Zuckerberg
  8. 8. 2 million people, comments were 1,874 and the photo was picked up by: AOL, National Geographic, The Weather Channel and a news channels throughout FL.
  9. 9. • Riding waves