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Sales & Marketing In the Social Era (Citrix Webinar 9/18/2013)


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Explore social tools and techniques that will help you reach new lands of opportunity in sales and marketing.

Topic: What’s Working NOW: Best Practices for Marketers and Salespeople in the Social Era

Speaker: Brian Carter, Social Media Expert and Bestselling Author

How to avoid the biggest sales obstacles in recent market trends
Social media tactics that boost referrals and warm up prospects
Proven strategies for generating leads on Facebook and LinkedIn
and more

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Sales & Marketing In the Social Era (Citrix Webinar 9/18/2013)

  1. 1. Salespeople & Marketers in the Social Era What’s Changed and What Works Now in 2013
  2. 2.
  3. 3. Goals of this Webinar This is a B2B social media sales & marketing webinar for companies that sell to businesses with more than 500 employees.  For Salespeople:  Find out how social media has changed Sales strategy and execution.  Learn what today’s top salespeople are doing to drive more revenue.  Learn optional marketing techniques that some salespeople use to attract even more sales.  For Marketers:  Find out how to work with modern Sales professionals.  Learn how to improve your marketing strategy.  See how thought leadership & content marketing drive sales.  For Executives:  Find out what to expect from Sales & Marketing.  See which roles should be pursuing specific strategies and tactics.
  4. 4. The Skills Overlap For Marketers & Salespeople Marketing Sales Marketing Both Sales Advertising, Marketing Automation, Content Marketing Thought Leadership, Blogging, Curation Prospecting, Warm Calls, Consultative Selling & Golfing
  5. 5. How Sales & Marketing Have Changed Sales has changed in five major ways: 1. Inbound marketing has begun to dominate over interruptive. 2. Selling has shifted from transactional to consultative. 3. Social Media is everywhere. 4. Thought leadership has become critically important. 5. Content marketing has matured. Inbound Marketing Social Media Content Marketing Thought Leadership Consultative Selling
  6. 6. The Dominance of Inbound Marketing  The power and popularity of inbound marketing has grown dramatically.  Even some Social Salespeople are inbound marketing for themselves.  Outbound strategies still have a place. Image by
  7. 7. Shifting Strategies Out with the OLD  Email Spam  Print media marketing  Yellow pages  Newspapers  Brochures  Telemarketing In With the NEW  Marketing Automation  Ebooks  Whitepapers  Webinars  Video Conferencing
  8. 8. The Shift to Consultative Sales Transactional Sales Consultative Sales Salesperson’s Role Order taker Trusted subject matter expert Where? Web, Phone, F2F Phone, F2F Buyer Readiness Know what they want Need education and diagnosis Product/Service A few sizes fit all Custom Buyer’s Selection Criteria Price, convenience Salesperson’s guidance Sales Cycle Short Long
  9. 9. The Shift to Consultative Sales “Buyers want more power in the buying process. Buyers want to see how the solution will solve their specific problem. “A guy selling $3,000 suits, instead of just telling you about the suit, will ask, ‘What will you do in this suit? We’ll customize this suit to how you’re gonna use it.’” – Garrison Wynn, Author of The Real Truth About Success
  10. 10. The Ubiquity of Social Media  135,000 people sign up to Twitter per day. There are 115 million active users per month  1 billion monthly Facebook users  1 billion monthly YouTube users
  11. 11. The Growth of Thought Leadership
  12. 12. The Growth of Thought Leadership
  13. 13. The Emergence of Content Marketing “Provide value in everything you do. Don’t ever be self-promotional; people hate it.” - Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelism & Enablement at Oracle
  14. 14. The Growth of Thought Leadership Hubspot earned $2.2M in sales after two years in business and then hit $52M annual revenue just four years later. How? They used blogging and social media to generate inbound leads and a larger sales team to close them.
  15. 15. The Growth of Thought Leadership
  16. 16. The Growth of Thought Leadership
  17. 17. The Growth of Thought Leadership
  18. 18. The Emergence of Content Marketing
  19. 19. Increasing Influence
  20. 20. 5 Elements of Thought Leadership Persuasive Speaking Harnessed Gifts Focused Mastery Original Thoughts Effective Writing Love ProfitWin HEDGEHOG CONCEPT
  21. 21. What Hasn’t Changed in Sales?  Quality. More than ever, you need to be selling a quality product or service.  Directness. Phone calls can be more powerful than emails. F2F even more so.  Rapport. People still buy from people they like; relationship- and rapport-building are critical.  Will. Aggressive action-takers win, because sales is still competitive.  Process. Organizational skills and repeatable sales processes yield better results. Quality Directness Rapport Will Process
  22. 22. Sales Obstacles in 2013 and 2014  Attention, Signal vs. Noise  Differentiation from Competitors  Competitors who Adapt Quicker  Employees & Speed of Innovation  Personal Rapport  Marketing vs. Sales Attention Differentiation Competition Pace Rapport Ignoring Sales
  23. 23. In the Attention Economy, your competition is everybody.
  24. 24. Differentiate! In 15-20 words how is your company is better than its competitors?
  25. 25. Differentiate! When should you recommend a prospect go buy from your competition?
  28. 28. Early Adopting Competitors Benefits of early adoption: 1. Overcome learning curve and gain a marketing advantage sooner 2. Get quoted for years as case studies by marketers 3. Attract more talented employees Examples:  Ford social media vehicle launches  Zappos twitter usage  Blendtech youtube videos  Old Spice youtube + TV  Starbucks promoted tweet  Marketo creative Facebook posts  Vestas LinkedIn marketing
  29. 29. What Should You Be Early Adopting Now? Past Early Adoption:  Search advertising (2003)  Twitter marketing (2007)  Facebook marketing (2009)  Facebook advertising (2009)  LinkedIn advertising (2010)  Twitter advertising (2010)  YouTube preroll advertising (2012) Current Early Adoption:  Tumblr  Reddit  Pinterest  Retargeting ads  Google remarketing  FBX  Bing remessaging
  30. 30. Employees & Speed of Innovation Estimated portion of a full-time employee’s time required for each activity (not just doing but also analysis and reporting):  Search advertising = 50%  Facebook advertising = 50%  Facebook posting original post once a day = 20%  Facebook posting one curated post per day = 20%  Tweeting 10-20 tweets per day = 20%  Blogging one post per week = 20%  Email newsletter monthly = 5%  LinkedIn Group posting and commenting = 6%  LinkedIn Group moderation and management = 12%  Total = 2.1 employees  This is for a small medium sized company. For enterprise companies, multiple this by 10-20 Education required to perform well:  Search advertising = 20-40 hours  Facebook advertising = 20-40 hours  Facebook posting original post once a day = 10 hours  Facebook posting one curated post per day = 10 hours  Tweeting 10-20 tweets per day = 5 hours  Blogging one post per week = 10 hours  Email newsletter monthly = 20 hours  LinkedIn Group posting and commenting = 5 hours  LinkedIn Group moderation and management = 5 hours  125 hours of training per employee
  31. 31. Don’t Neglect Personal Rapport “People buy from people they know, like and trust.” - Bob Burg How many people do you trust… that you’ve never met face to face?
  32. 32. Don’t Neglect Personal Rapport 11 Things That Still Have A Big Impact On Sales: 1. Face to Face Meetings 2. Phone Calls 3. Video Conferencing 4. Courtesy 5. Listening 6. Eye contact 7. Enthusiasm 8. Curosity 9. Golf 10. Lobster 11. Alcohol
  33. 33. Don’t Neglect Personal Rapport “You still have to be willing to pick up the phone and call people to be a top salesperson. An 8 minute phone call might beat 375 emails.” – Garrison Wynn, Author of The Real Truth About Success
  34. 34. Don’t Focus on Marketing to the Exclusion of Sales Why Marketing is Easier Than Sales  Don’t have to call anyone.  Don’t have to be pushy.  Don’t have to get rejected. What Happens Without Sales?  People look but don’t buy.  People buy from others.  You don’t find out why people aren’t buying.
  35. 35. Sales Solutions & New Best Practices Social Sales Proactivity LinkedIn Groups LinkedIn Prospecting Video Conferencing Facebook B2B
  36. 36. Success Stories LinkedIn + Sales = $450,000
  37. 37. “We already spent $100/month on a lead gen service, and LinkedIn was way more valuable.”
  38. 38. Success Stories “My blogging and social media produce one or two highly qualified referrals per week. I get speaking opportunities and personal introductions that lead to much more business than I had prior to social media.” – Coy Davidson, Broker in Houston, TX with Colliers International (Commercial Real Estate)
  39. 39. Try Ebook Marketing
  40. 40.
  41. 41. “Being alive is the best time I’ve ever had!” – Brian Carter
  42. 42. LinkedIn Groups  Ask good questions that get lots of responses, and you could show up as one of the most influential members.
  43. 43. LinkedIn Groups “Find a group where the people are potential customers or a good referral source. One time this smart guy shot me down and I backed off, and he ended up looking bad, all these people jumped on my side and I got a speaking gig out of it.” – Garrison Wynn, Keynote Speaker and Author of The Real Truth About Success
  44. 44. LinkedIn Groups “DO: Be Interesting and dynamic. Don't just post company content, share competitors content. Share funny things, sports and PG-13 Content. “DON'T: Don't curse, Don't talk politics, Don't be a racist, Don't hate on the competition, that is, Don't be a jerk.” – Jim Reynolds, Strategic Account Executive, Brandwatch
  45. 45. Warming Up Leads In LinkedIn Groups  Answer LinkedIn Group questions when you can help someone.  Other people see you helping that person, establishing you as a valuable, positive and credible person.  This can lead to new relationships or direct inquiries that turn into sales.
  46. 46. Marketing Department: Create a LinkedIn Group  Don’t name it after your company.  Make it about a topic area your company helps customers with.  As it grows, it’s also an email list. Weekly send out your latest news, tips or content marketing.  Multiple expert/consultant salespeople can participate in your corporate LinkedIn Group
  47. 47. B2B Community Themes …………………. • What related LinkedIn groups are there and what is their focus? • What job titles do you serve and target? • What are their biggest obstacles? • What do they need to learn? What are CEU courses on? • What info do they need to stay up to date on? • What kind of books, magazines and newsletters do they read? • What kind of content do they share in social media? Social Strategy Worksheets by Brian Carter
  48. 48. Bridging off LI with  LinkedIn InMail doesn’t always get a response.  Sometimes people don’t respond because they missed the message. Not everyone is on LinkedIn all the time.  When it doesn’t, you can get email and phone number from and reach out to your prospect.
  49. 49. Building a Reputation with LI “Salespeople can build credibility as an expert in their field, and win business because of it. “Sales pros who regularly publish valuable industry information can build credibility without ever meeting a potential buyer. “That prospect will remember that sales pro when they’re ready to buy.” - Doug Theis, Senior VP of Lifeline Data Centers
  50. 50. Curating Is Time-Efficient “I read 25 niche news articles a day and find one or two worth sharing. It’s ridiculous not to share something worth sharing, because it takes only a second. “Those valuable articles start conversations with potential buyers and generate referrals.” - John Orr, Broker in Charleston, SC with Colliers International (Commercial Real Estate)
  51. 51. Curate with Hootsuite
  52. 52. Video Conferencing  Conduct face to face meetings from anywhere. Sell nationally or internationally.  Greater impact than audio phone call only.  Learn to be just as personable on camera as in person.
  53. 53. LinkedIn Ads: B2B Targeting
  54. 54. LinkedIn Ads: B2B Targeting
  55. 55. Facebook B2B  Myth: Facebook is only for B2C.  Truth: B2B companies are getting business from Facebook.  If your prospect is in the C-suite, they may not be on LinkedIn because executives get hammered by salespeople on LinkedIn.  THUS…  Don’t be annoying on LinkedIn.  Use a Facebook Page and Facebook Ads to reach executives on Facebook.
  56. 56. Facebook B2B: Executives
  57. 57. Facebook B2B: Executives
  58. 58. Facebookize Your Brand! Without numbers three through six, it’s difficult to post daily to your Facebook community and get results! • 1. What do you sell/offer? •2. Who buys it? • 3. What's unique about them? • 4. What’s their lifestyle? • 5. What else do these people like? • 6. What dreams are you empowering? • 7. Put all that into images and copy.
  59. 59. Create posts that go viral based on a research review of 2,953 posts, a total of 31,423 data points Do:  give  Advise  Warn  Amuse  Inspire  amaze Don’t:  Talk about yourself  Be edgy or offensive  Be obscure or niche  Ask for likes Download this free ebook!
  60. 60. Contagious Content Give Offers Discounts & Deals Contests Advise Tips How to Obstacles Warn Dangers News Coming Soon Amuse Funny pictures and quotes Non- offensive General audience Inspire Inspirational quotes Motivate Coach Amaze Pictures Facts Stories
  61. 61. Viral bragging When you win, your customers win. You Brag so that they can brag. When your customers brag, you win. (In highly competitive niches, brand loyalty is the same as ego and vanity)
  62. 62. On a Page with less than 10,000 fans, This post reached 41,334 people (without advertising).
  63. 63. B2B Marketing = Boredom ?
  64. 64.