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Poland PPT Presentation

  1. 1. Poland
  2. 2. KRAKOW Welcome to Krakow’s Wawel Dragon
  3. 3. KRAKOW Sheraton Hotel Our AccommodationSituated At The Foot Of Wawel Castle On The Vistula River.
  4. 4. KRAKOWThe first fortress was built on Wawel Hillin the 11th. Century. The present castledates largely from the 16th. Century.
  5. 5. KRAKOWEarly morning walk to check out Krakow
  6. 6. KRAKOWWawel Castle near our Hotel
  7. 7. KRAKOWSt. Mary’s Basilica was built in 1364
  8. 8. KRAKOWWawel Castle is perched high atop a hill overlooking the VistulaRiver. As the residence of kings and queens for five centuries,the castle is a great tourist attraction and a museum of art andhistory. The towers of the castle and the spires of the cathedralevoke the magic and mystery of medieval Krakow
  9. 9. KRAKOWThe large Main Square issurrounded by historicaltownhouses, Palaces and churches.The centre of the square isdominated by the Cloth Hallor Drapers Hall, rebuilt in 1555in the Renaissance style.At the side of the Cloth Hall isthe Town Hall Tower.
  10. 10. WieliczkaThe salt mines in Wieliczka were part of the marriage settlement ofthe Hungarian princess Kinga. Amazing figures and monuments weresculptured out of its salt walls which earned the Mine a place on theUNESCO World Cultural Heritage list in 1978.Our tour included a visit to the 600 year old Salt Mine. You descend380 wooden steps to the first level 64m underground from there youyou continue another two levels in tunnels and more steps until youare 135m underground. The distance covered is 5 km and takes 2hours. At the end of the tour you ascend in a small miners liftcarrying 6 to 8 people .Now that was an experience too.The tour visits many ancient chambers and chapels in which almosteverything is made or carved from salt. Kinga’s Chapel is a huge22,000 cubic metre space and is a popular wedding place we wereadvised.
  11. 11. Wieliczka
  12. 12. WieliczkaMain altar in St. Kinga’s Chapel.
  13. 13. Wieliczka St. Kinga’s Chapel Salt Sculpture
  14. 14. Oswiecim AUSCHWITZ AND BIRKENAU VISITS.The visit to Auschwitz and Birkenau allows you to gain insights into theatrocities created under Hitlers regime and the millions who fell victim tothe Holocaust. This was a very personal thought-provoking experience . The largest of all the Nazi concentration and extermination camps, Auschwitz, was transformed into a museum by the Polish government a few years after it was liberated by Russian Troops in 1945.
  16. 16. Oswiecim BIRKENAU EXTERMINATION CAMPAn estimated 6,000,000 Polish civilians died during the war, ofwhich 2,900,000 were Jewish.
  17. 17. Oswiecim AUSCHWITZ CONCENTRATION CAMP FACTS "Gypsies and people who were crippled especially were sent to be killed, but Slavonic peoples and Hungarians who disagreed with the fascist government were also sent to the chimneys.Many millions of Polish peopledied in the camps. Anyonewho was not German could beused as hands to work untilthey could work no longer, andthen to be burned.
  18. 18. Warsaw The Palace of Culture and Science.A gift from the Soviet Union to the people of Poland in 1952.
  19. 19. WarsawThe famous icon of Our Lady of Częstochowa also known as the Black Madonna. It has been associated with Poland for the past six hundred years.
  20. 20. WarsawTravelling across the Polish Plains to Warsaw
  21. 21. Warsaw • The Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw consists of a palace and garden complex comprising magnificent gardens, canals and ponds within its 80 hectares. • It was built during the second half of the eighteenth century.
  22. 22. WarsawThe Chopin Statue is a large bronze statue of Frédéric Chopin inWarsaws Royal Łazienki Park. At the statues base, since 1959, onsummer Sunday afternoons are performed free piano recitals ofChopins compositions.
  23. 23. Warsaw Vilanov Palace• Palace Entrance • Flag Throwing Practice
  24. 24. Warsaw Vilanov PalaceCeiling Painting In Queen’s Bedroom Vilanov Palace Bascilia