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CenterState CEO Internet Marketing for Business Presentation by Joe Romanelli, President, Romanelli Communications
Social Media, Saranac Beer Case Study

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  1. 1. PromoProduct People Place Price
  2. 2. what is media?Anything that delivers a message• Not old media vs. new media—integrated media• Media consumption has evolved One-way Two-way Collaborative and Simultaneous• Social media is the collection of channels/technology by which individuals engage to share common interests for their mutual benefit
  3. 3. what is social media?
  4. 4. top social media moments
  5. 5. top social media moments from Hell
  6. 6. why it’s important to the consumer:• Theyʼre conversing about you/your services—are you tuned in?• They feel entitled to talk to a decision-maker• They expect answers in real-time• Their expectations are rising—want more relevant content• They want authenticity and transparency—donʼt claim, demonstrate• By listening, you can anticipate your customersʼ needs in real-time
  7. 7. rules to do it rightTransparency: Tell the truth.Listen: Really listen.Find Your Rockstars: Reward them. Let Go: Youʼre no longer in control.
  8. 8. strategy first. tactics second.building a strategy: start with your brand • Brand essence: What is your unique reason for being? • Brand truths: Show proof of your promise to customers. • Brand values: What are your guiding principles? • Brand character: What human qualities define the brand? • Consumer benefits: Rational, emotional, or self-expressive? • Media channels: What media outlet will make the best connection?
  9. 9. let’s talk beer
  10. 10. blogger outreach• Treat Bloggers as media• Researched Active and Influential Craft Beer Bloggers• Criteria included location, frequency, comments, interactions• Invitation to exclusive Saranac Event• Follow up
  11. 11. blogger dinner
  12. 12. conversations
  13. 13. beer bash
  14. 14. it’s easy for beer
  15. 15. summaryAre you prepared for change?• Strategy—be your brand• Listen• Cut the BS—be relevant, authentic, transparent• Itʼs about your consumers/advocates, not you• When you find supporters or bashers, connect with them 1-on-1• Help them help you• Not traditional vs. social• Mind your manners—say “Thank You” and “Youʼre Welcome”• Build in ability to change—donʼt be AOL
  16. 16.