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CCC Blogference Demo


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digital sketch and overall goals of ccc blogference

Published in: Spiritual
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CCC Blogference Demo

  1. 1. campus crusade blogference goal 1: expose staff & ministry leaders to relevant ministry philosophy content goal 2: connect staff & ministry leaders relationally who may be geographically or relationally distant goal 3: facilitate staff & ministry engagement discussions over ministry philosophy content
  2. 2. user personas user 1: ccc staff member, digital native, under 35 user 2: ccc staff member, non digital native, over 35 user 3: ministry leader, non ccc staff member social action read happens most comment happens second most add others as friend on fb happens least
  3. 3. topic 1 discussion topic 2 discussion topic 3 discussion topic 4 discussion comment feed of each topic? campus crusade blogference can this auto-generate? **welcome/vision/explanation video** topic 1 title--subtitle click opens shadowbox topic 2 title--subtitle click opens shadowbox topic 3 title--subtitle click opens shadowbox topic 4 title--subtitle click opens shadowbox leave a comment name topic # google form? comment: manually curate comments