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Web design principles (2)


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Showing different kinds of web design principles

Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Web design principles (2)

  1. 1. web design principles briana o’neill ryan ash mandy reno
  2. 2. unity This site demonstrates the design element unity through the alignment of the photos and text as well as the similarity of the objects in the design.
  3. 3. variety This website shows variety by splitting different information into different designs, to separate and add interest to each section.
  4. 4. balance This site demonstrates symmetrical balance through equal spacing and distribution of text and photos.
  5. 5. scale & proportion This site shows scale and proportion by displaying their products at zoomed in levels.
  6. 6. rhythm This site shows rhythm through the visualization of movement of the icons for the buttons in a circular motion.
  7. 7. emphasis The site title is the emphasis for this web page, it is emphasized through size and placement.
  8. 8. simplicity This site shows simplicity through the concise amount of information on the home page.