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LinuxCon Keynote


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Published in: Technology
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LinuxCon Keynote

  1. 1. Why Open Matters HP & OpenStack
  2. 2. WHO IS HP? HP?
  3. 3. HP Indemnified Linux Against SCO Against SCO Against SCO 2003
  4. 4. One Linux Server Every Minute Today
  5. 5. Helps Start the OpenStack Foundation Helps Start the OpenStack Foundation 2011
  6. 6. What is this stack business?
  7. 7. L inux A pache M ySQL Perl/PHP/Python
  8. 8. Glance Nova Swift
  9. 9. Glance Nova Horizon Keystone Swift Neutron
  10. 10. Glance Nova Horizon Keystone Swif t Neutron BlockStorage LoadBalancing Databases DNS Metering Billing Monitoring Alarming Messaging Automation Orchestration Account maintenance
  11. 11. OpenStack is an Ecosystem (Yes, and this was out of date the moment I hit save). 200+ companies 11964 people >3000 commits last month
  12. 12. Continuous Integration Deployment
  13. 13. Daily Patch Volume
  14. 14. Accelerated Participation with Velocity
  15. 15. How Does HP Participate?
  16. 16. NovaNova ContainerContainer ServiceService AgentAgentManagerManager RESTREST APIAPI Trove: DBMS as a Service SQL REST
  17. 17. RESTREST APIAPI Libra: Load Balancer as a Service SQL NEUTRON LBAS PoolLBAS Pool TCP/HTTP ATLAS
  18. 18. And a few others... • DNSaaS • Tripelo,The Installer • Ironic, Servers as a Service • HEAT, Orchestration as a Service • Nova, Glance, Swift, Horizon,...
  19. 19. Keystone Nova SwiftSwift Trove
  20. 20. Keystone Nova (Private) Trove Nova Keystone
  21. 21. Do we learn anything by running a Public Cloud?
  22. 22. Some philosophies • Continuous Integration is the new normal • SSH into production considered harmful • Data security and encryption at the tenant level • Open Source means audit-ability
  23. 23. No SSH, No Shell “Just run this command and it works” “The process had to be restarted” “I just deleted the logs”
  24. 24. Humans are sources of bad entropy.
  25. 25. SOC compliancy is Good. is Good. is Good.
  26. 26. Debugging? • Centralize your logs • Kick the box from the fleet, never take it back. • Provide Snapshots
  27. 27. Openmatters because Security Matters
  28. 28. Rethink Open Source Security
  29. 29. Tenant Data should only be visible to the Owner
  30. 30. Copyright is just one reason for Commit History for Commit History for Commit History
  31. 31. Thank You! blog: / twitter: brianaker