The Pulse of Liquid Health Data


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  • *Source: Surescripts e-prescribers used as a proxy to estimate physicians in the county. County used as a proxy to define region. **Source: Walgreens and CVS online store locator, represents Phoenix, Glendale, Mesa, Scottsdale and Tempe ***Source:
  • The Pulse of Liquid Health Data

    1. 1. The Pulse of Liquid Health Data Global Directions 2013 September 24, 2013 Brian Ahier, DirectTrust
    2. 2. Liquid health data could help reduce costs by $300 - $450 Billion “The 'big data' revolution in healthcare: Accelerating value and innovation” - McKinsey & Company, January 2013  Machine-readable data that can be accessible via application-programming interfaces  Easily downloadable and available via third-part applications Liquid Data
    3. 3. Health Data Initiative core activities: liberate data and catalyze innovation Data Liberación • Todd Park, US Chief Technology Officer, coined the term “data liberación” to describe the Federal government’s efforts at making health data liquid with goals to: 1. Publish brand new data for public access – while rigorously protecting privacy and confidentiality 2. Make existing data much more accessible -- “machine- readable,” downloadable, accessible via application programming interfaces (APIs), free, much easier to find 3. Energetically publicize our data to innovators -- who can use it as raw material to develop applications and services that help improve health and health care
    4. 4. “There is no problem America has that is so large we can not invent our way out of it.” ~ Todd Park “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else.” ~Winston Churchill
    5. 5. • Federal Advisory Committees • Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN) – Services, standards, policies, trust fabric • eHealth Exchange – Growing network of federal partners, HIEs, health systems, technology solution providers – Transitioned from ONC project to independent, public-private model - Healtheway • Direct Project – Secure messaging for care coordination, e- referrals and more – Trust fabric for health internet - DirectTrust • Standards & Interoperability (S&I) Framework Graphic: The Value Proposition for Exchange; Doug Fridsma, July 2011 US Federal Government’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) Efforts
    6. 6. 1101 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036 About DirectTrust • The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) is establishing governance mechanisms for the nationwide health information network, in part through a cooperative agreement with DirectTrust. • The Stage 2 Meaningful Use regulations require eligible providers to engage in health information exchange via standards and in a manner consistent with these governance mechanisms. • DirectTrust is a non-profit industry alliance that is supporting Direct exchange adoption and use through policy setting, accreditation via the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC), trust anchor distribution, and outreach activities.
    7. 7. Founded in 1993, EHNAC is a federally-recognized standards development organization and tax-exempt 501(c)(6) non-profit accrediting body designed to improve transactional quality, operational efficiency, and data security in healthcare. DirectTrust and EHNAC have formed a partnership to accredit trusted agents in Direct, HISPs, Certificate Authorities, and Registration Authorities, in order to facilitate security and trust at scale, helping to avoid the need for costly and complicated one- off contractual arrangements between relaying parties in Direct exchange. About EHNAC
    8. 8. near Phoenix, Az. Direct exchange is designed to help solve fragmentation
    9. 9. • Direct exchange is well suited to replace fax, e- fax, mail, and proprietary connections: • Between providers during transitions of care; • Between providers and patients; • Between federal and state agencies and providers for document exchange, requests for information; • Between payers and provider organizations; • Between patients and patient applications for organization, display, reconciliation, analysis. Direct exchange is not just about meeting meaningful use requirements
    10. 10. If HISPs choose to negotiate the “rules of the road” with each other one at a time, forging one-off contracts, the cost of Directed exchange goes up with each new HISP contract. This is complex, rate limiting, and will not scale. 11 Building a Network via Bi-directional Contracts is UnworkableHow can we scale Direct?
    11. 11. Scalable Trust and the N2 problem • Scalable Trust is a strategy for enabling Directed exchange between a large number of endpoints, in this case HISPs and their users/subscribers. • If “scalable,” – Trust should happen “quickly” and uniformly. – A “complete” network will be formed voluntarily. – Complexity and cost of establishing a network will decrease, while the value of the network itself will increase, as more nodes are added. – This “network effect” will be a by-product of making trust scalable. – Eliminates the need for one-off manual business agreements and technical connections • If not “scalable,” – Parties will be forced to create one-off manual business agreements and technical connections increasing cost and complexity. – Manual exchange and maintenance of trust anchors doesn’t scale beyond the smallest of numbers – N-squared problem.
    12. 12. DirectTrust Approach The goal is to make it easy and inexpensive for trusted agents, e.g. HISPs, to voluntarily know of and follow the “rules of the Road,” while also easily and inexpensively knowing who else is following them. Security & Trust Framework EHNAC- DirectTrust Accreditation Program Trusted Anchor Bundle Distribution
    13. 13. Trust anchor bundle distribution HISP Accreditation via EHNAC-DirectTrust • HISPs apply for accreditation, become candidates for DTAAP HISP • HISPs complete self-attestation and audit, successful complete accreditation HISP obtains trust anchor from accredited CA in accordance with DirectTrust Standard Operating Policies document. HISP submits its trust anchor to DirectTrust Review Committee. Upon successful review, HISP’s trust anchor is included in trust anchor bundle, available on EV cert-protected website, . HISPs may upload bundle of trust anchors, and place trust anchors in their HISP trust stores, readying themselves to trust incoming request from subscribers of these accredited HISPs using end- entity certificates that march anchors.
    14. 14. DirectTrust Community’s “Scalable” Trust KEY Trust relationship based on accreditation HISP BHISP A Provider/EHR A Community A Provider/HIE B Community B Centralized Trust Anchor Bundle Site HISP C Provider/PHR C Community C
    15. 15. QUESTIONS?