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Briana Drake Visual Resume


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Visual Resume for Briana Drake
Updated March 27, 2010

Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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Briana Drake Visual Resume

  1. 1. Briana I. Drake
  2. 2. Mission Improve people’s quality of life by removing environmental burdens.
  3. 3. Education B.S. Environmental Engineering May 2010 Tech Concentration in Enterprise
  4. 4. Experience Internship Cliffs Natural Resources Summer 2008 Created a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, coordinated a plant recycling program, and collected water samples for NPDES permit.
  5. 5. Experience Research Fellowship National Science Foundation and University of South Florida Summer 2009 Worked on an international team for 5 weeks in Bolivia studying aquifer sustainability, community health, and wastewater treatment
  6. 6. Experience Enterprise Aqua Terra Tech Enterprise at Michigan Tech September 2007 - May 2010 Used geophysical surveys to research the feasibility of identifying water bearing fractures. Extensive work with ArcGIS and a two week fieldwork trip to Ecuador in Fall 2009. Tech
  7. 7. Up Next Peace Corps Masters’ International Program M.S. Environmental Engineering Beginning Fall 2010
  8. 8. Briana I. Drake 920.598.0235 Twitter: @ekarDirB