Media Proposal: Eazy Steve


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Media Proposal: Eazy Steve

  1. 1. ! ! Eazy Steve! Media Proposal! December 1, 2013! Briana Dobler!!! 423.486.4019
 Signature: Stephen Jetton
  2. 2. Table of Contents! 3 Client Information 4 Client Analysis 7 Best Practices 10 Recommendations 13 Deliverables 14 Sources ! Briana Dobler Page 2
  3. 3. Client Information: Eazy Steve ! Stephen Jetton is an up-and-coming artist in the Chattanooga area with Neighburrrhood Music. Known as Eazy Steve, his goal is to make music that is relatable to all listeners. He wants to spread his music, expand his listeners and contacts. He needs a professional approach to present his music to venues, producers and online music websites.! ! ! He is a 20-year-old, East Hamilton High School graduate and currently attends Middle Tennessee State University. ! ! He currently performs in the Chattanooga Tennessee area and most of his listeners are in the same location. He spreads his music through social media, mainly twitter and Facebook. ! ! ! ! The demographic of listeners is mainly 16-23 high school and college students in the Chattanooga area. He has been picked up by some west coast independent music blogs and an east coast online radio show to help spread his music. ! ! ! He currently releases singles on Sound Cloud and full projects on Band Camp for free. He does about ten shows a year and releases at least one single project a year and at least one major collaboration project a year. ! ! ! Social media:! !! !! !
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  4. 4. Client Analysis: Eazy Steve Social Media! ! Twitter:! ! Eazy Steve currently uses twitter as his main promotional and informational hub. It has more content and interaction than any of his other social media pages. He also uses twitter to connect to other artists, producers and music creators.! ! ! One of his strengths is his level of interaction with his listeners. He makes a point to “retweet” or reply to people who tweet about his music. The twitter he promotes his music on is his personal twitter so it keeps the friendly vibe throughout his tweets. Also, twitter lets listeners quickly share his music through retweets, listeners just have to retweet a link with a simple click of a button.! ! ! ! A weakness of using his twitter as the informational hub is that it is unorganized and hard to find specific information. It is also hard to present a more professional feel to his music without a website. Someone who would want to contact him would have to publicly tweet to him or send him a direct message. 
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  5. 5. Client Analysis: Eazy Steve Facebook:! ! ! Facebook is the least used of the three main social media sites Eazy Steve uses. It started out with less than 120 “likes” in August of 2013. Facebook isn’t a major crowd for Eazy Steve’s music.! ! ! A weakness for Eazy Steve on Facebook is people are less likely to promote an album download on Facebook for rap music because of the older Facebook users and because users are more aware that potential employers check Facebook pages. ! ! ! ! A strength for Facebook is users are more likely to share a more visual post (like a video or info graphic). So when Eazy Steve creates a video or a new promotional image people are more likely to share those posts to their friends.! ! Instagram:! ! Instagram is the most personal Eazy Steve gets on his social networking sites, though most of his posts tie back to music. He will release album covers and promotion images on Instagram first and share on twitter and Facebook after. He also does small promotional videos through Instagram to amp up excitement for an upcoming project. ! ! ! Eazy Steve’s strengths for Instagram are he has listeners who are willing to support him by liking his pictures. He is willing to help promote other artists projects through his Instagram which builds relationships and opens the door to other artists promoting him through their Instagram accounts. He doesn’t have any Instagram weaknesses, his promotional posts for his music all get 10-50 likes.
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  6. 6. Client Analysis: Eazy Steve What works:! ! Using twitter as his main interaction with listeners works really well with Eazy Steve. Listeners are more willing to share music through twitter than any other social networking website and are more willing to communicate with Eazy Steve through tweets. He is also good at appreciating his listeners on twitter by retweeting or replying to their tweets. ! ! ! Eazy Steve also uses twitter to connect with other artists and promotion for other artists. I think this is a really strong strategic move because it encourages other people to promote his work which is expanding his listeners. ! ! ! Eazy Steve understands the importance of having a Facebook fan page but he also understands that listeners are less likely to share his music on Facebook. Although listeners are more likely to promote music videos on Facebook, possibly because it is more visual.! ! Instagram is a really great tool for Eazy Steve, he uses it to promote his music with a small mixture of other artists music and personal pictures. He promotes his music well with posts getting more than 10 likes per image. ! ! What needs improvement:! ! Though twitter is great for interacting with listeners, it isn’t the most organized way of presenting information and it is not the best idea to have it as the sole informative site. ! ! ! Also while retweeting the people who tweet about your new release makes the specific person feel good, to many retweets can turn other followers off because the amount of posts from one person on their timeline which can result in unfollowers. There needs to be a limit of retweets to keep followers happy and to show appreciation to supporters, sometimes a reply of thanks will suffice.! ! ! With the Facebook fan page, Eazy Steve might consider a consistent posting schedule, giving small updates in-between releases. It would give listeners an opportunity to share or like more posts other than just new releases. ! ! ! Instagram is a tool that already works in Eazy Steve’s favor. He already shares his Instagram content to twitter, maybe he could start sharing it on Facebook to add more content to his Facebook fan page. 
 August 2013 November 2013 Twitter followers: Less than 500 Twitter followers: More than 570 Instagram followers: Less than 320 Instagram followers: More than 340 Facebook likes: Less than 120 Facebook likes: More than 300 Briana Dobler Page 6
  7. 7. Best Practices: Eazy Steve ! Hoodie Allen! ! Website: ! ! Hoodie Allen has an entry page that is attention getting but it isn’t full of random stuff. Viewers click to get to the website content on the upper right hand corner. ! ! ! ! is professionally done by a website building company but they managed to keep it streamlined and simple. ! T ! he music page features a large picture of the most recently released work with a sound cloud player on the right hand side.! ! !It also features a second more obvious download button in the right hand corner and the social media links are at the bottom of each page. ! ! ! Social Media:! T ! he social media pages he features on his websites are Facebook, twitter and YouTube. ! ! The twitter page has a promotional header photo with a more personal profile photo. It mixes the business and the personal tweets together. ! ! ! ! The Facebook as more the same promotional header mixed with a more professional profile picture. ! ! Briana Dobler Things to adopt: ! ! The more professional look for Facebook seems like a trend because it is a more serious social media platform then twitter. ! ! Twitter is more direct from artist to listener so a personal profile picture is fitting. ! ! The website has a sleek and clean look and feel to it with the music organized really well.
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  8. 8. Best Practices: Eazy Steve Kendrick Lamar! Website:! ! The website has no white, the home page has a lot of information and it has a interesting background image that the website content flows over. ! ! ! The website also features social media icons and links to iTunes to purchase his music. The pages include, news, events, music, videos, photos, store and tweets. ! ! !The video page is a blog style stream of videos. You can scroll down and see all of his videos on youtube and you can also tweet it straight from the website.! ! ! Twitter: @kendricklamar! !His twitter header photo is solid black and his profile picture is solid black also. His bio has his label website and booking information but not his personal website.! ! Things to adopt: He makes it very easy to get to his content and share his information. ! ! Things to avoid: The blacked out images make it hard to see who kendrick Lamar is to an unfamiliar person and his website is very dark. 
 Briana Dobler Page 8
  9. 9. Best Practices: Eazy Steve Drake! Website:! ! The website has a lot of open space but it isn’t strictly white openness. His background matches the header on twitter and Facebook. ! ! ! The music link on the side takes you directly to his iTunes page and the video link takes you directly to his youtube page. ! ! ! There is a nice openness to the website without the focus being a dark color. ! ! Twitter:! ! His twitter picture is his album cover and the background is the single cover for his songs. His bio isn’t very specific or informing but it is different. He has a website on the page but it isn’t his main website and that can be confusing. ! ! ! Drake doesn’t have a lot of interaction with his followers. He does interact with his peers and does promotional tweets about tours. ! ! YouTube: DrakeVEVO! ! The Drake youtube page doesn't have a header image or a matching profile picture from any of his other social media sites. He strictly uploads his music videos and professional promotional videos.! ! Things to adopt: His website is along the lines of what Eazy Steve was looking for. It is very open and matches his mostly used social media. ! Things to avoid: His youtube isn’t very nice and designed like he was a professional artist. Consider matching ALL of the social media headers, even youtube. 
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  10. 10. Recommendations: Eazy Steve Website.! ! Eazy Steve should have a home base for information and music. The website should have a central location for music and for any information about Eazy Steve and his brand. ! Combining elements of different websites would be the best idea for Eazy. ! ! ! Home. A simple very basic home page, similar to Drakes and Hoodie Allen’s homepage is along the idea that Eazy Steve is looking for. The website should look new and simplistic.! ! Music.A focused music page with SoundClound and Band Camp players is a good way to integrate music that is already uploaded on the web in one place. Also keeping the music page stricly with music focuses the page and keeps the flow of the website. ! ! Video. I suggest releasing it on the new website through Facebook and twitter. Also encourage listeners to share the video through the website. Similar to the Kendrick Lamar website, the video should be uploaded to youtube and embedded into the website page titled “Videos”
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  11. 11. Recommendations: Eazy Steve Social Media! ! Twitter. Getting new followers is an important way to spread music, releasing new content and regular followers retweeting content is the easiest way to get new followers in independent music.! ! ! ! A regular schedule of new music is a good way to make sure there is new content to share. There is a fine line between releasing just enough content and flooding your market with information. Finding that balance is key. ! ! ! Keeping regular interaction with followers is important to keeping people interested in Eazy Steve as a musician. Also when new releases happen, thanking followers is important too. ! ! ! ! Facebook. For a Facebook fan page, getting likes helps you spread information. Get listeners and Facebook friends share the Eazy Steve page to friends and possible listeners. ! ! ! Also teaming up with other artists is good way to build relationships in the independent music industry and go expand fans. If artists can agree to invite Facebook friends to “like” the Eazy Steve page then Eazy Steve can encourage it’s fans to like their pages as well. ! ! ! ! Pushing Instagram pictures to the Eazy Steve fan page can encourage followers to like new information and it keeps a regular amount of content on the page. Naturally Eazy Steve’s main audience is more likely to share information on twitter so most of the updating will happen there. ! ! ! Instagram. Eazy Steve already has a solid Instagram plan for his account. Adding a regular update schedule and pushing updates to the Facebook fan page would be a good practice to adopt.! ! ! Banner and Profile pictures The same banner on all social media pages adds a consistent look to the pages and shows that all pages are the official Eazy Steve pages. Banner images can be changed for major promotional events. ! ! ! ! Some artists use a more professional image for Facebook pictures and more personal images for twitter and Instagram. This practice can be adopted or keeping all of the social media images personal can be kept. ! ! ! Most independent artists like to keep a more personal feel to all of their social media pages. Full time professional artists pages are usually run by an artist “team” and they lean towards more professional posts and images. 
 Briana Dobler Page 11
  12. 12. Recommendations: Eazy Steve Music Releases! ! Using the internet is the best way to spread music. Picking a releasing platform and sticking with it presents a more consistent feel to the music. Releasing content on a website that lets the artist embed players onto new pages is also important. ! ! ! It is standard practice for musicians to release 1-3 singles from any given project. Releasing the project through social media is an easy was to spread music quickly to the masses. ! ! ! Hard copies are a simple way of creating revenue and an easy thing to sell at shows. Independent artists are likely to release their music for free and then offer to let supporters purchase music through hard copy or iTunes. ! ! ! ! Music Video. ! ! Musicians need a visual to partner with their music because the popularity of an independent artists music is normally around 24-48 hours. A video is the perfect idea to bring interest to a project.! ! ! Pick the single that did the best off of a new project and create a video to go with it. Most artists start the video project before the finished album is released. But, releasing the video roughly a month after the project is released creates a revived interest in a new project. ! ! Internet radio.! ! Another way to spread music is getting onto internet radio, it brings in another audience and allows people outside of Eazy Steve’s regular listeners to experience his music. The online radio automatically links to the Eazy Steve iTunes music store giving new listeners the chance to hear other songs by Eazy Steve. ! ! Events. ! ! Eazy Steve should perform at other artists shows and different venues with different audiences to expand listeners. Moving into new live audiences is key for the growth of Eazy Steve because there is a limited number of venues willing to show a hip-hop artist.! ! ! ! Hosting a “New Year” event opens the year for Eazy Steve’s music and encourages listeners to bring new listeners to an event. Marketing it as an event or party makes people feel like its more casual and less like a show. ! ! ! Also encourage different music artist to come and sing brings in a new audience. To make it feel less like a show and more like en event encourage other independent artists to come and sell or present their products. For example, local artists who’s pieces have a similar vibe as the music or a few local clothes companies can add a more artistic feel to the event and it can show a more sophisticated feels to other possible venues. 
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  13. 13. Deliverables Eazy Steve: August 2013! • Promotion through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook ! • Twitter followers: Less than 500! • Instagram followers: Less than 320! • Facebook likes: Less than 120! • Releasing music on a shared SoundCloud and on Bandcamp! • No music videos or promotional videos ! • Two future performances ! • No website! ! Eazy Steve: November 2013! • Release new project- “Simply Steve”! • “Shoot My Soul Down” single plays- More than 900! • “N.A.K.E.D.” single plays- More than 550! • Album downloads: More than 150! • Album Plays: More than 2000! • Created a website-! • Released through twitter, Instagram and Facebook! • Opened October 26, 2013! • Visitors on opening day: 67! • Page views on opening day: 196! • Got Facebook friends to promote Facebook fan page! • Facebook likes after promotion: More than 200! • Released a music video for “Special Place”! • Promoted on! • Visitors on release day: 174! • Page views on release day: 372! • Twitter followers after video release: More than 570! • Facebook likes after video release: More than 300! • Instagram followers after video release: More than 340! • Performances! • 5th Quarter: September 20, 2013! • A Cry for Help: September 28, 2014! ! Eazy Steve Goals for January 2013! • Get music on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Google music and Amazon music! • Focus on creating more music for March 2014! • Updates on new projects through “News” on the website to keep consistent traffic! • Create behind the scenes videos for YouTube channel! • Promote upcoming performances through website
 Briana Dobler Page 13
  14. 14. Sources: Eazy Steve Works Cited ! Drake. @Drake. 30 Oct. 2013 <>. ! "Drake." Drake Octobers Very Own Home Comments. 01 Dec. 2013 <http://>. ! Drake. YouTube. 01 Dec. 2013 <>. ! Eazy Steve. 27 Nov. 2013 <>. ! "Hoodie Allen." Hoodie Allen. 01 Dec. 2013 <>. ! Hoodie, Allen. @HoodieAllen. 30 Oct. 2013 <>. ! "Kendrick Lamar." 01 Dec. 2013 <http://>. ! Lamar, Kendrick. 30 Oct. 2013 <>. ! Steve, Eazy. Facebook. 01 Dec. 2013 <>. ! Steve, Eazy. @justeazysteve. 01 Dec. 2013 <>. Briana Dobler Page 14