Communication degree


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Communication degree

  1. 1. What can I do with a degree in communications?  The field of communications is very broad, it includes several aspects such as broadcasting, journalism, public relations, employee communications, social media, media design, film and photojournalism.  A communication degree is a great foundation for almost any career. It can prepare you for graduate school in communication or other majors and even law school.  Communications degree leads to careers across multiple industries including the private and public sector, health care and education fields.
  2. 2. Communication Arts at Salisbury  The department offers a Bachelor ofArts with four tracks: HumanCommunication, Journalism/Public Relations, Media Studies and Media Production.  Several student groups including the National Broadcasting Society, the Public Relations, SU-TV and Lambda Pi Eta—a national communications honors society.  Communications majors, especially those in the J/PR track are required to do an internship or practicum in their field.
  3. 3. SU NETWORKING Mentor Program  Salisbury offers a alumni mentor program for current students to get real world advice for SU alumni who work in their field  Students can request mentors from various tracks within the communication field
  4. 4. Major: Communications Minor: Marketing Career Goals:  Public Relations Specialist  Marketing Research Analyst  Advertising, Marketing, Promotions, public relations Manager
  5. 5. •Advertising Account Executive Job Description •Advertising Account Executive Employee Management Forms •Advertising Account Executive Resume Template •Advertising Job Objectives •Advertising Job Standards •Job Evaluation Forms Advertising Account Executive
  6. 6. BROADCAST JOURNALIST • Report news to inform the public about events, current issues and other important events. •Career Fields: news anchor, reporter or camera operator, and radio personal •VERY COMPETITVE! •This job often requires you to work irregular hours so you must make good use of your time •Often pressured by deadlines
  7. 7. MEDIA PRODUCTION •Audio Production •Journalism •Multimedia/Animation •Production In the Media Production track forCommunications you can go into…
  8. 8. Potential Job Titles Advertising News paper  Account Manager  Account Executive  Media Planer  Market Researcher  Copywriter  Journalist  Reporter  Copy Editor  Columnist  Photography
  9. 9. Jobs Cont’d Multimedia & Film PR & Business  Producer  Writer  Director  Production Assistant  ScriptWriter  Sound Engineer  Agent  Account Supervisor  PR Researcher  Public Affairs Officer  Technical Communicator  Publishing  SpeechWriter  Publicity Manager