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Why I Am Passionate About Perl


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My keynote address at the Portuguese Perl Workshop 2008 in Braga

Published in: Technology, Education
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Why I Am Passionate About Perl

  1. 1. Why I am Passionate About Perl brian d foy
  2. 2. Perl Experts Why They Are Passionate About Perl perl_experts_why_they_are
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  4. 4.
  5. 5. • The person who introduced me to Perl showed me that… • I first starting using Perl to… • I kept using Perl because… • I canʼt stop thinking about Perl… • Iʼm still using Perl because… • I get other people to use Perl by… • I also program in … and …, but I like Perl better since…
  6. 6. Jerry Rocteur
  7. 7. Alberto Simões
  8. 8. Jacinta Richardson
  9. 9. Grant McLean
  10. 10. Renée Bäcker
  11. 11. Rafael Garcia-Suarez
  12. 12. brian d foy