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Code Review Quickstart


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Start your team reviewing your programming work. Become a better programmer!

Published in: Technology
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Code Review Quickstart

  1. 1. 15 Minute Code Review Quickstartbrian d foy, The Perl Review
  2. 2. Makebetter programmers not better programs
  3. 3. Choose a reason• Inspect work• Mentor junior members• Sharpen senior members• Cross-pollinate ideas• Find bugs
  4. 4. Start small• Start with small goals• Make it a regular, expected event• Reach a goal? Extend it.• Refine and document the process
  5. 5. Set boundaries• Be nice• Limit the scope and depth of code• Limit the time for each item• Don’t ambush• Don’t make corrections• End on time
  6. 6. Review code that...• compiles• passes its tests • is covered by the tests • is profiled• is under development
  7. 7. Stay on target• Make a checklist• Show up prepared• Facilitate discussion but defer arguments• Quash digressions (send to hallway track)• Note problems and move on
  8. 8. Starter checklist• Is documented• Everyone understands • what it does • how it does it • why it does it that way• Follows local style
  9. 9. Steal from others• Effective Code Reviews Without the Pain• Five Whys