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BackPAN Archeology


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My BackPAN indexing update from YAPC::EU 2008

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BackPAN Archeology

  1. BackPAN Archeology brian d foy August 15, 2008
  2. The Goal • From any module file, report • distro it came in • dependencies at release time • MiniCPAN for the installation • Distributable database of all info
  3. • Perl doesn't have a package manager • No file-to-distro reverse mapping • No version management • Most people aren't up-to-date • Most people shouldn't be up-to-date
  4. • BackPAN is the bone yard of CPAN • It has an evolutionary record • No one explores it • CPAN tools only care about now
  5. Info to record • File list, with meta-data • What's in blib after `make` • Packages in .pm files • Modules used in .pm, .pl, .t files • Prerequisites
  6. How I Index